How to Cut Down on Worker Absences

By Lois Leonard

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Worker absenteeism can cause your business to lose money. Consider the following ways to cut down on worker absences:

  • Offer flexible schedules. Give your employees the option to work four 10-hour days. For those who wish to work five days a week, consider allowing them to begin their eight-hour workday as early as 6 a.m. Leaving work early gives the impression of having more free time.
  • Allow telecommuting. If your employees do the majority of their work online, consider permitting them to work at home or at a coworking space on a full- or part-time basis. Even when employees telecommute, having a generous vacation policy in place reduces burnout.
  • Promote a wellness program. Consider offering free health screenings and discounts to health clubs. Being able to exercise and take care of their health during the work day alleviates stress, which is the primary cause of excessive absenteeism.

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