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How to Make More Money Driving for Uber

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Increasing your income as an Uber driver comes with a variety of options. In most cases, it pays to focus on customer service so you can get a high star rating, which can turn into more opportunities and more customers. Small touches such as opening a passenger’s door, letting them request music, or offering bottled water are a great place to start. Also, consider driving for one of Uber’s niche categories. For example, as an UberXL or UberSELECT driver, you can carry more one than one fare at a time, which can help boost your income. You may also want to take advantage of Uber’s flexibility to do two jobs at the same time. If you work in an area without a lot of fares, you may want to bring your laptop and do a bit of online consulting between rides. If you’re crafty, you may want to sell products from another job to your fares. For example, one Uber driver drove his annual income to just over a quarter million (USD) by selling jewelry to his riders. As an independent contractor, you can write off your expenses. That doesn’t increase your income, but it can lower your tax liability, which puts more money in your pocket. Being an Uber driver can be a great part-time job. For many, it even works as full-time employment. To be successful, you should always look for opportunities and creative ways to boost your income.

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