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How to Market Your Business Blog

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Having a blog on your small business website provides you with numerous opportunities for growing your business. Publishing a small business blog is an easy way to effectively enhance the visibility and profile of your business, as well as to contact existing or potential customers. Blogging helps to attract new visitors to your website and motivate prior visitors to return. Blogging also provides an excellent avenue for both establishing and cementing your company brand and enhancing your credibility.

Beyond using proper keywords and meta tags for search engine optimization (SEO), here are some important, helpful tips for marketing your website blog to bring more traffic to your website.

Have a Targeted Content and Publishing Plan

Blog content you publish should be well thought out and carefully planned, regarding both subject matter and publishing schedule. Business blogs attract your target audience most effectively when the content is specifically designed to appeal to them. In other words, don’t bother trying to draw the whole world to your website. Instead, focus what you write to appeal to the specific niche of customers your business aims to serve. For example, if you own a fashion photography business, it’s better to write blog posts specifically about this rather than about photography in general.

Create a schedule for publishing new content to your blog and stick by it. When you publish new content to your blog on a regular schedule, such as weekly on Tuesday mornings — you may find that some people actually get in the habit of checking in at that time to see what you’ve written.

Use Your Blog for Branding Your Business

Use your blog posts to continually reinforce your company’s brand, image, and unique selling propositions. This doesn’t mean repeating the same words over and over. What it does mean is making the effort to editorially tune your blog posts so that they continually reinforce what makes your business ideally appealing to your customer base.

A good practice is regularly checking keywords related to your business on question and answer websites. This can help clue you in as to what your potential customers are most concerned about or what things they’re having the most problems with. You can then tailor your blog content to provide solutions for them and to showcase how your business can best serve their needs.

Providing valuable content that reinforces your company brand and enhances its online presence is one of the best ways of increasing traffic to your website.

Market Through Multiple Social Media Outlets

Hopefully your company already has profiles on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use all of them to increase the audience for your blog posts and draw visitors to your business website. Create multiple social media posts with links to your blog post by offering just a key sentence or two, or by using different attention-grabbing headlines.

The easiest way to ensure regular publishing across the whole range of your social media is to use an automated social media posting service such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

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