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Improve Client Communications to Build Long-Term Relationships

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Clients are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, there are no sales, no revenue and no profits. So when it is time to review the things you can improve in your customer approach, focus on ways to improve the quality of client communications. While it is one thing to gain a customer, it is quite another to gain a client. The client relationship is built on loyalty and mutual respect, but most importantly, that connection leads to repeat sales on which the long-term health of your endeavor depends. Consider the following methods to transform one-time customers into valued consumers who will establish the foundation of your pursuits for years to come.

Phone Calls

With the popularity of emails and texts, it almost seems that phone conversations have become a forgotten means of client communication. There is little doubt that electronic communication allows you to boost efficiency and productivity in your daily business efforts. But those written missives sometimes tend to get a bit impersonal. Many customers appreciate an occasional phone call in place of a marketing letter or email. Furthermore, it is often difficult to convey the right tone and mood with a written message. A quick phone touch with a client restores the lost art of conversation while eliminating any miscommunication from an email.

Handwritten Letters

It is a foregone conclusion that your snail mailbox gets flooded daily with marketing materials, junk mail, and the occasional bill or two. But one thing that is a rare commodity is a handwritten note or letter. A personalized, handwritten envelope stands out among the mass-produced pieces to which you likely pay little attention. So why not carve out some time and pen a brief hello or update to a client? It doesn’t need to be profound or lengthy. Rather, it is more the thought that counts, and clients will appreciate the fact that, with them in mind, you took the time to construct something special.

Drip Marketing

While it may be true that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your client base, don’t lose touch with that other 80%. Clients come and go for a variety of reasons, and you need to retain a solid base for continued success. If time is at a premium, use a marketing campaign that you can set and forget. Email marketing applications such as MailChimp generate attractive, informative content that can be affordably delivered to client inboxes at regular intervals. This assures that your name and message are being conveyed to all clients with minimal effort.

Customer Appreciation Events

Quarterly phone calls and face-to-face meetings have their place, but a social gathering designed around client entertainment takes on a whole different feel. Sometimes it is best to dispense with the business talk and have a little fun, food, and enjoyment. These events speak for themselves. You may discover a whole new side of a client and even gain a few lasting friendships, and those relationships are hard to beat.

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