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Lessons on growing a photo business from Mike Peters

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“When you’re telling stories with photography, you get a chance to shed light on things people don’t see very often,” says photographer, Mike Peters, the founder of May Contain Studios.

Peters has been snapping shots of his hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba ever since he could remember. Some may think of the Canadian prairies as sleepy, but Winnipeg is far from that. The city is home to historic neighbourhoods, world-class museums, and vibrant restaurants.

Peters’ photos illuminate the city’s vibrancy. “The photos I’ve taken of Winnipeg and Manitoba are important to me. If someone were to view my photography, they would see [the region] in a new lens,” says Peters.

Peters is taking a photo of his hometown.

Before opening his photography his production shop, Peters spent hours honing his craft in his spare time.

“I spent most of my day doing photography when it was a hobby,” says Peters.

“One of the main variables that helped me transition photography into a job was the amount of time I practiced photography because that time allowed my skills to grow quite quickly.” 

Eventually, Peters started photographing local small businesses, helping retailers in Winnipeg tell their stories. After a few years, he began securing work from national brands like Air Canada, Herschel, and Bell. Today, Peters is the director and founder of the Winnipeg-based production company May Contain Studios. Alongside his colleague, photographer, Jeremy Lee, Peters creates visual content for brands.


Above are photos from the Instagram feed for Mike Peters’ company May Contain Studios.

As Peters took on more clients, hired staff, and expanded his practice, his business needs grew. He suddenly needed to deal with managing many clients, tracking expenses, and paying staff; however, administrative work wasn’t his strong suit. 

“I knew that I was good at photography, but I didn’t know much about the administrative side of the business, so I was creating ad hoc invoices, and they were pretty amateur.” 

In search of a tool to help him create invoices, and organize his finances, Peters tried QuickBooks. Watch the video below to hear his story. 



“Using QuickBooks was a life-changing thing for me as a business owner, you can create professional invoices, monitor your cash flow and manage expenses,” says Peters. 

After a few years in the business, he says a key piece he’d give emerging entrepreneurs is to organized. “I used to keep putting things off. I wish I could tell my younger self, get organized early,” says Peters. 

“As a business owner, QuickBooks helps me stay on top of organizing my finances every single day.”

Need help organizing your finances?

QuickBooks backs creative entrepreneurs across Canada. Its cloud-based software can help you organize your financials, save time with automation and get paid fast. Try it today to see how it can help you grow your passion into a thriving business. 


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