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Let Go And Logo: Creating A Simple Logo Design For Your Small Business

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In order to successfully market your small business, you have to implement various tactics that promote the products you offer. A simple, well-designed logo is one of the fundamental building blocks of creating a brand identity for your company. In creating a business logo, aim for a clean design that accurately conveys the essence of your business.

Basic Logo Styles

There are three basic types of logos – illustrative, font-based, and abstract – and one of them is probably best suited as the style for your small business.

Illustrative logos literally illustrate what a company does or provides. For example, an illustrative logo for a hair salon might be an illustration of a hairstyle or a pair of scissors. An illustrative logo visually depicts the service or good your company provides. For companies that provide less tangible services or products, such as an insurance company, this type of logo is less suitable.

Font-based logos, as the name implies, are logos that consist of stylized text, usually focused on making the company name stand out. This makes font-based logos suitable for any type of business. The simple nature of this logo design makes it necessary to employ creative and unique text treatment to make your logo really stand out.

The final logo type involves one or more abstract graphic symbols, shapes or designs. Canadian-based Vanilla Forums and Yamana Gold both employ an abstract logo. An abstract logo succeeds as a marketing and branding tool if it’s an interesting design that is easily recognizable and becomes synonymous with your company’s brand. Abstract logos are favored by companies involved in highly creative industries or that are run by individuals who enjoy a twist on traditional logos. Since abstract logos have no inherent meaning, your marketing must successfully convey to consumers the mental associations you want the logo to symbolize for your company.

Important Elements of Logo Design

There are free online logo design tools, such as Logomakr and Logogenie, that take most of the guesswork out of designing an efficient and functional logo for your small business. However, there are important elements you should keep in mind when designing your company brand.

Be certain that the logo you design adequately reflects the message and purpose of your company. Consider writing down one sentence that paints an image of your company’s purpose and clearly articulates your mission, then using that sentence as reference point to evaluate your logo design.

Functionality is also extremely important. Your logo must convey your company’s message and it must also work with different forms of marketing material. Your logo should be clear and identifiable whether it’s on a business card, a T-shirt or the side of a truck, so it should be easy to reproduce and scale.

Choice of color is important. Bright, pleasant colors in complementary tones and shades are best. Avoid using too many colors. Bright colors are more appropriate for retail businesses, whereas professional services firms usually favor more subdued tones.

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