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Developing Patient Loyalty Will Grow Your Dental Practice

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As a dentist, your goal is to help your patients achieve a perfect smile, in more ways than one. Keeping your patients happy is the best way to encourage customer loyalty so you’re never struggling to fill an empty chair. Of course, sometimes just providing outstanding dental work isn’t enough to keep your customers returning on a consistent basis. Expand your reach and remind your existing clientele to keep coming back by improving your marketing approach.

Find Your Goals and Target Demographic

The first step in creating a marketing campaign for your dental practice is determining what you hope to achieve and who you’re trying to reach. For example, you may want to establish your practice as the go-to choice for kids who need root canals. Honing in on a specific niche is a great way to stand out from your local competition.

At the same time, sometimes your goal may be to reach as wide an audience as possible. In that case, you’d want to create marketing materials that highlight your many services so you can appeal to a wide range of demographics. Decide what your preferred outcome is before you plan your marketing campaign so you can proceed on the right path.

Create Social Media Ads

Now that you have an idea of how you want to approach your ads, it’s time to reach out to your local community online. These days, it’s easier than ever to create targeted ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can focus your ads based on many factors, including location, interests, and age, just to name a few.

To create an effective social media ad campaign, you need to establish your dental practice as the go-to authority in your field. For instance, instead of just creating an ad that states your services, address, and contact information, you could promote an article that provides detailed information on how to brush your teeth properly, and then close the article with a call to action encouraging the reader to stop by your office. Ads that offer the reader genuine value engage your audience more effectively and help to build your brand. After all, your customers are more likely to stay loyal if they trust you as a solid source of information.

Encourage Referrals and Reviews

When it comes to dental practices, word-of-mouth marketing is huge. People are naturally going to be nervous before a dental appointment, and reassurance from someone who’s already been through the experience is incredibly powerful as a recruitment and retention tool. There are many different ways to seek out referrals and reviews, from simply asking for them to offering a rewards program. You could offer a discount on a patient’s next appointment if they refer friends or family to your practice or contribute their success story to an online review site such as Yelp.

Meet Patient Expectations

The best way to keep your customer base on board is to simply provide a consistently exceptional experience. For many patients, a visit to the dentist is a scary thing. When you go the extra mile to create a positive experience, you can be sure that people are going to remember that (and spread the word). Always make it a point to check that your patients are fully happy with their visits before they leave. Going the extra mile to provide that extra level of customer service works wonders in solidifying your long-term relationships with your patients.

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