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Ramp Up Sales Through Door-to-Door Marketing

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When you think of fun ways to spend a Thursday afternoon, door-to-door sales doesn’t exactly surface to the top of the list. In an era when the internet and social media offer marketing methods that are more effortless and hands-off than ever before, many salespeople consider cold calling and door-to-door marketing as awkward and uncomfortable relics of a bygone era of sales. Before you toss door-to-door marketing out the door, consider how it still has some value in a tech-dominated marketing world. Done correctly, it can ramp up your business and make your salespeople better at their jobs.

Shortening the Sales Process

With so many marketing methods to choose, it makes sense to go with ones that offer demonstrable benefits. Door-to-door marketing qualifies. Email and social media marketing require several steps before getting in front of a prospect. The prospect has to respond to your email or social media ad, then you have to get them on the phone, and you must convince them to set an appointment. Only if all those steps are successful do you have a chance to pitch the prospect in person. Door-to-door marketing bypasses those steps and puts you in front of prospects at the beginning. Sure, you’ll hear more nos than yeses, but even this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Maybe the prospects aren’t currently in the market for your services, but now they have a friendly face to put with your company name. Down the road, the prospects are more likely to remember the person they met face to face than one of the countless email or Facebook ads they saw.


A big benefit of door-to-door marketing it its low cost. Aside from the base salary you pay your salespeople – and perhaps the cost of brochures and marketing materials to be left with prospects – door-to-door marketing costs nothing. Meanwhile, getting an email or social media campaign in front of enough eyeballs to make a dent in your sales numbers could cost serious money. Door-to-door marketing is particularly effective for newer businesses that lack the budget for a fancy internet ad campaign.

Door-to-Door Tips

To make door-to-door marketing more effective, you have to keep grinding through it and not let rejection get under your skin. You might get 15 doors slammed in your face and then pick up a huge client on the 16th door knock. Imagine if you’d gotten discouraged and quit after the 15th “no.”Another potentially effective strategy is the dropping off information method. Research the name of the decision maker’s name ahead of time, and address an envelope to that person with the words “hand delivered” stamped on it. Place eye-catching marketing materials inside that explain what your company offers. Rather than asking for an appointment with the decision maker on the spot, drop the envelope off with the receptionist, and follow up a few days later. This approach often piques the decision maker’s interest and makes that person more interested in talking to you as opposed to a cold calling approach. Door-to-door marketing may seem like a grind, but executed properly, it can be a highly effective method to boost sales.

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