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Use Reverse Mentoring To Tap Into New Sales Channels

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As technology advances, you should consider rethinking how you train your marketing staff. Younger employees tend to understand internet-based sales channels more readily than your senior staff. Sales channels such as Amazon (and all social media marketing) can be gold mines for your company.

Implementing apps for sales and marketing means your older staff has to learn new technological techniques. Reverse mentoring is a viable and efficient solution. The idea is to let your younger staff members train older employees. Although normally less experienced, younger generations have their fingers on the pulse of the technological age.

Reverse mentoring also gives your inexperienced staff invaluable training opportunities. The cross-generational communication serves a larger purpose, as well. Identifying your up-and-coming leaders is a natural and necessary part of continuing your company growth. Reverse mentoring provides older generations one-on-one time with their potential replacements. Differences in seniority can balance the typical mentor-mentee relationship, and promote two-way conversations between your employees. As a mentor, the inexperienced individual is given the opportunity to step forward and show their expertise (without fear of repercussion).

Business hierarchies are important, and you must be sensitive to this. Seniors are not juniors, and neither job is easy. If you implement reverse mentoring correctly, however, colleagues walk a mile in each other’s shoes. This kind of collaboration can lead to exceptional outcomes. Your established employees may gain an open-minded approach to learning; rather than fear of losing stature. Your inexperienced staffers can develop insight into the challenges of educating, instead of being educated. With reverse mentoring, your company can foster cross-generational relationships that help your employees and your company grow.

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