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Increase Profits at Your Florist Business Through Upselling

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Upselling is a simple solution for boosting sales in your floral business because customers are already in purchase-mode for a birthday or other special event. All you need to do is make a few simple recommendations for a buyer to add something extra to the original purchase. If you follow a few tips, you can get people to spend more when they place an order.

Training Employees

The biggest factor to your success is teaching employees the art of upselling. Help them understand that you want to focus on the customer’s needs and not just on the idea of making more money. Create a script and have them practice it until it sounds and feels natural. You can also Include a list of high-profit items to recommend. Keep a list of daily specials by the phone so employees can browse through the current inventory if necessary.

Making Suggestions

Take advantage of the power of suggestion when customers call in to make a purchase. Let them know about current sales. Sometimes you can convince the customer to purchase an additional flower bundle to make the arrangement look more expensive or full, or offer an upgrade on the type of vase or flower pot.

Asking for Add-Ons

Initialize an AAA (Always Ask for Add-Ons) policy in your floral business where all employees ask customers if they want to purchase an additional item. Oftentimes, customers might not think to ask for a box of chocolates or extra flowers in a bundle simply because they may not know about all of the extra items you sell in your shop. Recommend a box of candy or a stuffed animal to go with a floral arrangement. Even adding on a greeting card can increase your flower shop profits.

Successful Upselling Tips

Unlike many other retail businesses, your floral shop doesn’t have to do cold calls to get sales. Customers call in with a purpose. You have an instant connection, and know within a few seconds what they want. With a few suggestions, you can solve their current needs immediately.

Make the Upsell After the Purchase

Wait until customers place the original order before trying to upsell. Upselling after they’ve made their initial selection comes across as a “by-the-way” thought and will feel like you have their best interest at heart instead of being pushy.

Keep the Upsell affordable

Don’t overdo the upsell. Typically, you don’t want to increase your customer’s bill by more than 25%. For example, you don’t want to recommend a $25 bouquet of balloons with a $20 single-vase arrangement. Instead, stick to talking about items and sales that are directly related to the purchase. For Valentine’s Day, recommend a $10 box of chocolates with a $40 flower order, or add a $5 musical greeting card to a $25 spring arrangement for a birthday. Keep the suggestions limited to one or two items, and let the customers feel like they’re getting a good deal by keeping the cost low.

Upselling is a simple way to help you increase sales for your floral business. All you need to do is teach your employees to ask at the end of each sale to help maximize profits.

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