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Why Millennials Make Great Clients and Customers

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Many business owners do not consider the value of attracting millennials as customers or clients. Cultivating millennials as customers can be time well spent due to many different factors. Millennials make up a large portion of the current demographic and there are several ways you can attract their business.

Millennial Values

Millennials show concern over values and integrate the causes they support and their personal beliefs into choosing companies to support. More than half of the millennial population makes a concerted effort to purchase products or services from companies that support causes they feel strongly about or those that maintain a value system that falls in line with their own. This includes concern over ethical and political issues, and also over authenticity. Appealing to millennial concerns can gain your business valuable, loyal customers.

Your business can elicit millennials as customers by supporting a cause through strategic marketing. For example, a company might use advertisements for its makeup line that emphasize a lack of animal testing or host an event to benefit a no-kill animal shelter.

Millennials Are Into Self-Service

The new generation of customers demands the freedom of self-service; they often prefer to shop and purchase goods and services without the hassle of having to deal with employees. Years of online shopping and automated customer service have accustomed millennials to a do-it-yourself shopping experience. Most prefer to browse and buy without the encumbrance of human interaction. It requires your business to consider how valuable a live employee is and in what capacity the employee should be used.

When trying to reach the millennial customer, your company may consider scaling back on physical hands in the store, having just a few employees on deck to assist with aspects of the shopping experience that cannot be solved by a computer. Instituting automated payment and checkout options is a simple way to leave much of the service up to the millennial customer. Beyond appealing to the millennial generation, this can also reduce your overhead expenses.

A Preference for Multiple Platforms and Social Media

Millennials are used to shopping for and sharing information about purchases via various devices and channels. The average millennial switches between laptop, mobile phone and television more than 20 times per day and expects to have access to your brand through any device. By utilizing multiple platforms, you can more effectively reach this new generation of consumers.

Your business can reap benefits of increased millennial customers by marketing through several communication channels. Because the millennial generation is highly social, access to your products through Facebook is arguably one of the most preferred – and easiest – methods for publicizing your business.

Millennials also expect fast and easy connectivity and usage. Your company’s website should load quickly, have a clean design and be easy to use. The more easily accessible you make your business, the more inclined millennials are to spend their money with you.

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