Using QuickBooks Tax

By Thomas Ostapchuk

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5 min read
  • 1.
    QuickBooks Tax: How to Use a Workpapers GIFI File 1 Min

    Using our Workpapers product within QuickBooks Online, you can jump start your tax return by bringing in balances from your mapped GIFI...

  • 2.
    Start: New return from scratch 0 Min

    Learn how to create a new tax return using QuickBooks Tax

  • 3.
    Begin a Return 0 Min

    Using QuickBooks Tax is a breeze! Learn how to navigate the product so you can file your return in no time.

  • 4.
    File a Return 0 Min

    In just a couple clicks, file your client returns with the CRA.

  • 5.
    What Forms Are Available? 2 Min

    The following government forms are initially available the QuickBooks Tax. We are working hard at adding more forms with each release.