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Benefits of Hiring Recent Graduates

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Smart hiring decisions pay off when you find talented employees with innovative ideas, passion, and knowledge of emerging trends. An experienced field expert seems like the best choice, but recent graduates bring a lot to the table for small businesses. While you can’t choose a candidate simply for being a recent graduate, you can reap the benefits when the candidate is qualified for the position.

Current Knowledge

With a fresh education comes fresh knowledge of best practices, emerging trends, and the foundations of the industry. That new perspective helps generate new ideas for your company. College students spend a great deal of time using technology in the field as part of the education process. They’re comfortable using computers, software, and electronic tools of the industry, so you spend less time training them on basic technology use. Even if a new graduate doesn’t have experience with the specific software you use, learning it is relatively quick and easy. This allows the new employee to hit the ground running with the basic knowledge and tools in place. A new graduate also hasn’t had time to develop bad habits in the workforce, so you can shape the tendencies, habits, and processes to your preferences.


A degree in hand and the opportunity to finally work in the field carry a certain amount of enthusiasm. Set up a booth at any college career fair to see just how enthusiastic college graduates are to land a real job. Recent graduates haven’t been jaded by years in the field and office politics, so that enthusiasm is still strong. They haven’t reached the burnout point that often comes later in a career. They want to dive in and make a difference in positions related to their passions. Harness that enthusiasm to propel your business forward. Who knows? Their enthusiasm may spread to your existing employees to invigorate the entire workplace.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking comes at all ages, but younger college-age employees tend to embrace an innovative frame of mind. College professors push their students to innovate and approach problems from a new angle. They may also take more risks in terms of coming up with new solutions for your company. This demographic tends to roll with the changes and has the ability to change gears and stay flexible; a skill that is particularly important in fields that change constantly.

Lower Salary

Hiring a recent graduate often benefits your bottom line. You pay more for years of experience and advanced degrees. A new college graduate is more likely to accept a lower salary. That doesn’t mean you should take advantage of someone without practical work experience. Your offer needs to be fair and competitive with similar positions the candidate might accept to attract quality employees. The cost savings is an attractive bonus, though.

Willingness to Accept Tasks

Young, energetic recent graduates are often more willing to accept a wide range of responsibilities. Because they are less likely to have spouses and kids, they may jump at the chance to take assignments that require traveling or high-risk responsibilities. As beginning employees, they expect to take on the entry-level tasks that more experienced employees don’t want to do. High energy levels and the desire to impress the boss inspire these employees to work longer hours or take overtime shifts when needed.

Future Development

Recent college graduates tend to have the learning mindset, since they’re in the habit of studying. Their continuous quest for knowledge keeps your company on the cutting edge of the field, and it gives your new hire additional skills that benefit your company. Take advantage of this willingness to learn for long-term development and retention. With the right nurturing and incentives, that inexperienced new hire may turn into a lifelong employee who eventually turns into management material. Experience is important, but recent education with hands-on field experiences can provide great value when you have a position to fill. If a recent graduates shows promise, consider the benefits of the hire before you pass in favour of more experience.

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