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Employees of Small Businesses Love Their Jobs

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Employees who work for small businesses are often more engaged and satisfied than staff who work in large companies. Satisfied team members are easier to retain and more productive, which can help increase sales and grow your business.

Feeling of Cohesion

Employees at large companies may feel part of a bureaucracy that gives them a sense of separation from the business. On the other hand, staff who work in a small business share a common purpose, which encourages cohesion. Small businesses typically have a flat management structure; employees have more input in decisions and strategic direction, making them feel an integral part of the team. For instance, if you own a small accounting business, you may involve your team in helping determine what type of cloud accounting software to use and the clients to target. Working toward a clear mission under a well-defined culture helps build a strong bond between team members. Your employees are more likely to support each other since individual performances have a direct impact on your business achieving its goals.

More Recognition

In a large company, employees’ individual performances can get lost among other staff members. An employee who performs outstanding work in a small business is more likely to be recognized for his or her efforts. For example, if you are a small product seller, and one of your sales team members makes 30% of total sales in a given month, the employee will easily be recognized as a top performer. Increased recognition means employees in small businesses are less likely to get overlooked for promotions. Team members who receive recognition from their co-workers and managers are more likely to feel valued, leading to job satisfaction.

Greater Work Variety

Working for a large company may cause employees to feel part of a process, especially if their roles are repetitive. Small business owners typically require staff to be multi-skilled and perform varied tasks. Having few employees means your small business needs to rely on staff to perform work that is often outside their job description. For instance, if you own a small architectural business, you may require team members to be responsible for invoicing clients and creating new marketing content, as well as performing architectural work. Providing varied work ensures your employees are constantly challenged and never get bored.

Feeling of Empowerment

Employees in large businesses often have little say about how their role is to be performed. Team members in small businesses typically have more flexibility due to a startup’s agility. For example, if you own a small marketing agency, you may allow employees to work from a home office several days a week to accommodate their other commitments. Your staff members are more likely to feel satisfied if they believe you understand and respect their personal needs. Employees who are given more scope to make decisions feel they are trusted. This fosters open communication, which reduces the risk of misunderstandings. Team members who are given a chance to showcase their creativity and encouraged to think outside the square are more likely to be happy at work.

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