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Finding the Right Fintech Developer

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Venture capitalists invested roughly $138 million into Canadian financial technology companies in 2016, up significantly from $21.8 million in 2012. Finding the right fintech developer can help your startup build applications that gain interest from this vast pool of investors. You want a developer who makes sure your applications provide a good user experience, integrate with other software, and are compliant with financial regulations.

Background Research

Before you hire a fintech developer for your startup, consider performing some background research to assess their credibility and work. You want to look at their websites and blogs to find out more information about their services. Try to locate a portfolio of their work to determine if they have done similar jobs to the one that your startup requires. For example, if you need a fintech app that invests money into exchange-traded funds, check if the developer has built investment apps for other clients. It is also worth checking the developers’ social media profiles to make sure they have good relationships with their customers.

Fintech Experts

Creating innovative fintech applications that add value requires finding software developers who have fintech expertise. You want to hire a developer who has a deep understanding of technology but also has a thorough knowledge of the financial industry. Since the global financial crisis in 2008, there have been many banking reforms, so your developer needs to stay on top of these when working on your projects to ensure they meet regulatory requirements. Fintech developers normally have a proficiency for working with large amounts of information, which is ideal if you have projects that require big data and data analytics integration. For instance, you may need your fintech app to export daily information from your website.

Diversified Skills

Before you hire a developer, consider how you want your app to look and function. You may want to develop a fintech application that requires a diverse skillset. For example, if you are developing a crowdfunding platform, you might need it designed using a particular programming language that’s compatible with your other software. You may also need it to have an intuitive layout for a smooth user experience. Make sure the developer you choose has strong programming and design skills to ensure the software meets your expectations.

Adequate Resources

You want to know if a fintech developer has the necessary resources to complete your project. Sometimes solo developers take on more work than they can handle, so if you have a large job to complete, it’s a good idea to find out the developer’s staffing capabilities. Try to find out if they outsource any of their work. You want to make sure they have full control over your project and can get it done in a timely manner. Finding the right fintech developer is the best way to build successful applications. To help find the right developer, you want to conduct background research, ensure they have fintech expertise, have diversified skills, and have the resources to complete your project.

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