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Attract Top Talent Via Canada’s Global Talent Stream

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If you want to go global for your next hire, you may already be aware that hiring a foreign applicant can take months by the time the candidate gets a visa through traditional methods. Yet broadening your talent search to international candidates gives you more options for finding the skills and talent you need on your team. Fortunately, there’s an answer. Canada’s Global Talent Stream program simplifies the process for qualifying businesses that need specialized employees.

Basics of the Global Talent Stream Program

The Global Talent Stream, which opened in June 2017 as a two-year pilot program, is an expedited visa program for qualified foreign workers. Its purpose is to help Canadian businesses stay competitive on a global scale by making it easier to recruit highly skilled workers from other countries. Growing Canadian businesses that need help from specialized foreign workers can use the program to get the candidates into the country faster.

Forget about that normal work visa that can take six months or more. Through this program, the visa process takes as little as two weeks. Qualified candidates can get work permits and temporary resident visas through the program.

Global Talent Stream focuses heavily on innovative companies, particularly in the tech industry. It’s designed to help Canada compete with the dominant tech companies in the United States. With so many changes in the political climate in the United States, companies based there may face increased difficulties in hiring foreign workers. Easing up those requirements in Canada lets Canadian businesses take advantage of those changes.

Program Requirements

Global Talent Stream facilitates visas for candidates who have a unique and specialized talent. Typically, candidates are so specialized that they can fill job requirements that few people can meet. Companies using this program typically need just a few specialized employees. Program requirements for Global Talent Stream specify the steps for applying and the types of workers who qualify for the program within two categories.

Category A participation requires a referral from a designated partner. Candidates should have advanced industry knowledge, an advanced degree in the specialty area and/or at least five years of specialized experience. The position you’re hiring for should be highly paid, with a salary of at least $80,000.

Category B participation is an option if you’re looking for people in certain occupations, including software engineers, web designers, and information systems managers.

Qualifying companies must fill out the application and pay a processing fee of $1,000 per position. Your company also has to comply with all requirements or face non-compliance consequences.

Benefits of Using the Program

The Global Talent Stream program can help you fill a specific need that can in turn help your business expand. By bringing in a key player from overseas, your business grows, which eventually means more jobs for Canadian workers. The program also allows Canada to compete with other countries while supporting innovative companies.

The expedited visa process makes Canada an attractive option for highly qualified workers in specialized industries, many of whom find Canada’s high quality of life appealing. Many top candidates don’t want to wait for months to get a visa to work in another country. Getting a visa in two weeks means the expert can relocate quickly without being in limbo while waiting.

Explore a faster way to bring in a specialized employee from another country with the Global Talent Stream. If you meet the requirements, you can get your new employee in your office in a matter of weeks instead of months.

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