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Consider Rehiring Former Employees to Enhance Your Company’s Culture

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Bouncing from one job to the next is common these days. No matter how great your company culture is, at some point you can expect to lose employees. Some of those employees may eventually want back in. You may initially want to pass to avoid the risk of the employee leaving again, but hiring a so-called boomerang employee may actually benefit your business. Not only can you save time and money during the training and onboarding process, but you may see a boost in morale and an improvement in your small business culture.

Morale Boost

A well-respected employee who returns to your small business can boost employee morale by bringing back a positive vibe. Think about your past work experiences. When a colleague you enjoy working with leaves, it changes the mood around the office. You miss working with that person. Imagine that positive energy returning when the employee comes back to work for the company. The same thing can happen for your employees if you welcome back a former colleague they all like and respect.

Company Loyalty

When you lose a well-respected and top-performing employee to another company, the rest of your staff might get nervous. They might wonder why the person is leaving and if they should start looking for other employment, too. Seeing that person return to your small business helps alleviate that anxiety. The rest of your staff may breathe a sigh of relief, reassured that your company is a solid place to be. After all, if a top employee leaves but ultimately comes back, your business must be a better place to work than other options in the area. When you rehire employees, you show your staff that your company is a top contender for long-term employment.

Proven Culture Fit

Your company culture keeps your business on track toward following your mission. Employees who fit in with your culture can generally work well together and help keep that momentum going. You’ve already worked with your former employee and know that person is a good fit with your company culture. By rehiring that person, your culture remains stable, the new employee fits in well, and work can continue smoothly. Hiring a new employee always comes with the risk that the person isn’t going to fit in well with the current workplace culture.

Selecting Former Employees to Rehire

Even though your company may benefit from rehiring boomerang employees, you shouldn’t automatically give a job to any former employee. The best candidates for rehire are the ones who have already proven themselves as top employees. Offering a position to a former employee who has a spotty history with the company, lacks a track record of quality performance, or is known to cause conflict with colleagues invites discord among your staff. Hiring a former employee who consistently performs well and is well-respected among current staff members is a less risky move and one that is likely to pay off with improvements in morale and culture.

When you rehire employees, you position yourself to boost confidence in your company and improve morale. Choose your rehires carefully to ensure the move has a positive effect on your current workforce without causing clashes.

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