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Grow Your Company Efficiently With a Human Resources Plan

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As your business grows, so does your need to hire the best employees. Creating and implementing an effective human resources plan helps tremendously with employee hiring, training, and retention.

Clarify Everyone’s Role

When there’s only you and a few others running the show, you pretty much know what everyone does, and it’s not uncommon for one person to do several different types of tasks. When you experience a lot of sudden growth, your employees may feel less than enthusiastic about taking on more responsibilities. Overwhelmed employees get tired, stressed, and resentful, leading to confusion and arguments about who does what and when. Your customers won’t care which employee messed up their order; they’ll just blame mistakes on the entire company.

Nip this problem in the bud by making employees’ job duties crystal clear and defining their roles within your company. Clarity restores order when employees know who to communicate with should something go wrong.

Recruitment Strategy

Whether you hire a dedicated HR person or delegate HR duties to managers, a recruitment strategy can help your business attract the kind of workers your company needs to maintain growth. Social media plays an increasingly important role in hiring today, and tapping into management and employee social networks can be a recruiting gold mine. Reach out to good candicates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other popular social hang-outs, and research a job candidate’s background by checking out their social media pages. For efficiency, only do social media checking on serious candidates whom you’ve already screened at least once.

Other common recruitment methods include posting ads on job boards, partnering with temp agencies who can screen for you, and attending job fairs. You may find that using a mixture of these strategies attracts quality candidates.

Write Targeted Job Descriptions

The way you write a job description determines who shows up in your pool of job prospects. Descriptions that are too general are big time wasters that leave you weeding through tons of resumes just to find a few good candidates. Instead, be very specific about what the job involves and the experience level desired, and include a bit of information about company culture.

Screen to Avoid Bad Hires

Nightmare employees who break rules, treat other workers poorly, and generally cause mischief and low morale in the workplace are to be avoided at all costs. Sure, they need jobs like everyone else, but they don’t have to be your problem. Make sure your HR plan includes a foolproof screening process that weeds out these bad eggs early on.

Collect and use behavior interview questions that give your team insight into a person’s personality, work ethic, and team spirit. After the initial interview, require second, and maybe a third interview with different staff so you have a well-rounded view of how this person might fit into your company’s culture.

Employee Development

Let your employees know you care about their professional growth by implementing ongoing training. Things on the job always change, and you’ll help your employees become better workers by creating formal training sessions with mandatory attendance. Cross-training is a great way to improve workplace efficiency. You can set up a buddy system where two workers learn each other’s jobs. This expands worker knowledge and lets workers fill in when someone is absent.

Provide superstar employees with management training, helping them aspire to greater achievement. Investing heavily in employee development helps you retain workers who want your business to grow and be wildly successful. Creating an effective human resources plan for your growing company is a smart way to ensure you continue attracting and retaining awesome workers.

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