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Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Dr. Sean Wise Helps Expand Startup Communities

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One of the leading figures for entrepreneurs and owners of startup small businesses in Canada is Dr. Sean Wise, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. In September 2016, Dr. Wise was named the inaugural Fellow for Startup Communities by Startup Canada. As part of his appointment, Dr. Wise will travel all across Canada to help reach the organization’s goal of establishing 100 Startup Communities in numerous cities and to encourage entrepreneurial ventures. In his work for Startup Canada, Dr. Wise will aim to strengthen and extend network connections between entrepreneurs, while providing them with access to tools, resources, advisors, and opportunities to start new business ventures, in an overall effort to stimulate local economic growth through creative entrepreneurship.

Startup Canada

Startup Canada is a social enterprise network launched in 2012 for the purpose of supporting entrepreneurial efforts throughout the country. The organization pursues its mission through a variety of online programs, such as the Canadian Entrepreneurship Institute and Startup Connect, events, and awards. It also partners with private sector companies and the government to foster small business startups through funding programs such as the Startup Canada Community Investment Fund and the Startup Canada Women Entrepreneurship Fund. Startup Canada has founded 25 Startup Communities designed to encourage and empower entrepreneurs and economic development at the grassroots level by providing resources, networking connections, and education for small business enterprises. It offers extensive online financial literacy education, entrepreneurial classes and training, and weekly webinars and other programs. For further information about Startup Canada and its activities, visit its website at Startupcan.ca.

Dr. Sean Wise

Dr. Sean Wise is a well-known advocate for entrepreneurial ventures. In addition to his work as a professor, he co-created or hosted entrepreneur-focused television shows, including the reality show, “Dragons’ Den,” copied as “Shark Tank” in the United States, and “The Naked Entrepreneur”. Wise is also a renowned business speaker and the best-selling author of the books, “Wise Words: Lessons in Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital” and “Startup Opportunities: Know When to Quit Your Day Job.” He has written for academic journals and been a columnist at The Globe and Mail, and is a partner at the venture capital firm, Ryerson Futures Inc., with nearly two decades of experience in the venture capital industry, as well as the founder of multiple business ventures. Wise has been a stalwart supporter of Startup Canada since its inception. In his role as a Fellow for Startup Communities, he will visit many of the existing Startup Communities and travel to other areas to offer leadership and advice on establishing new Startup Communities. He has assisted many business startups with startup capital.

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