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How to Stop Accepting Paper Checks in Your Business

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To say the entire world has gone digital is a bit of an exaggeration. Every business still has a small number of clients who have landlines in their homes and pay their bills by check, even though checks are very inconvenient to deal with in this day and age. The best way to get those old-fashioned clients of yours to pay online is to show them — not tell them — how kissing those paper checks goodbye can save them time and money.

Your clients trust you — that’s why they give you business. If they’re still paying by check, you might want to tap into that trust and have a gentle face-to-face conversation about switching to online payments. You or your friendliest customer service agent might pull up a chair, sit down with your client and show them where to find the electronic invoices you send and how to pay directly from their email account.

Compassion is key to getting buy-in. Some of your clients might be older and nervous about using technology, but that’s not exclusively the case. People can become set in their ways at any age. Taking the time to show your check-paying clients the conveniences of paying online demonstrates you care, and there’s a good chance they’ll appreciate that.

Once your clients adapt to paying online, it’s up to you to make it worth their while. Try offering them a small discount for paying their invoices early, at first. Once they get used to the process, the benefits of paying their invoices in a click or two may outweigh their desire for a discount — maybe.

Getting people to change the way they’ve always done things is never easy. The time you spend showing them how to pay you online will cut down on headaches like slow arrival of payments and bounced checks, so it’s time well spent.

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