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3 Micro Business-Friendly Apps to Show Your Employees You Care

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The success of any small business is largely dependent on the performance of your team members. This is especially true if you run a micro business; with only a handful of employees, the importance of each employee’s performance is magnified. Keeping your employees happy, motivated, and productive is an essential part of managing your business. Making the effort to show your team members that you appreciate them can have a number of positive effects for your business, including improving morale, boosting productivity, and reducing employee turnover. Employees tend to strive to perform better when they receive recognition for their efforts, and that can add to the ultimate bottom-line profitability of your business. Recognizing and rewarding employees can be made easier by using any of a number of apps developed just for that purpose.


iAppreciate is a free employee recognition app from the O.C. Tanner company, a developer of employee recognition products, available in both iOS and Android. The app is very simple to use and lets you do things such as send a thank you note, create an e-card to send an employee, or create and print out a certificate of appreciation. You can also use it to send short, inspirational messages to your entire team during the workday. Your employees can use the app themselves to praise their co-workers and share the applause on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Globoforce Mobile

Another free app for showing your employees appreciation and gratitude is Globoforce Mobile, which is available in iOS and Android. Globoforce goes a step further than just offering your employees an encouraging pat on the back by letting you give them cash rewards in the form of physical or online gift cards. Rewards can even be downloaded to an employee’s mobile phone, and he or she can use them to make in-store purchases simply by having the reward scanned on the phone. The app lets employees nominate each other for recognition or rewards, and employee achievements can also be easily shared across social media. With Globoforce, you can expand your appreciation beyond just your team, also recognizing customers with notes of appreciation; this is a great way to strengthen customer relationships.


Achievers is a paid iOS and Android compatible app, but it doesn’t cost much, typically around 1% of your company’s payroll, to use it to recognize and reward your team members. Like Globoforce Mobile, Achievers gives you the ability to reward employees monetarily with cash, gift cards, and gift certificates for dining, travel, or services such as a trip to a spa. Employees can even elect to receive rewards by way of donations made to their favorite charity. Achievers offers an exceptional employee participation platform for employees to add their appreciation of co-workers, and employee recognition can be shared through your social media outlets. One nice extra feature is the option for management to give employees rewards points, redeemable for cash or gifts, to hand out to co-workers to whom they want to show appreciation. Giving your employees the ability to reward each other can do a lot to reinforce collaboration and a team mentality at your business. Having a recognition and rewards program in place tells your employees right away that you appreciate them. Using such a program regularly is a great way to encourage employee loyalty and superior performance.

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