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Adopting a Hot Desk Business Layout

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Hot desking describes the practice of providing your workers with shared work spaces rather than dedicated workstations. There are pros and cons you might consider before adopting a flexible hot desk layout. Hot desking may prevent your workers from forming cliques, which can happen when the same small groups of workers interact with one another exclusively, day in and day out. If you have a hot desk layout, your workers snag desks on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that everyone sits next to someone different every workday, which has the potential to boost team spirit and benefit collaboration. You might set up a hot desk layout if your products or services require lots of collaboration, which might be the case if you run a software development company. Some of your workers may be creatures of habit, and the lack of a permanent workstation may inhibit their creativity and productivity. With your staffers moving around the employee workspace so much – and sick employees not being confined to their own workstations – you might find it challenging to slow the spread of cold and flu germs. Frequent absences due to sickness may slow your productivity, which can have a negative impact on revenue. Hot desking works for some employees and not for others. Consider giving your employees a choice, which can help everyone on your team do their best work.

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