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Flexible Employment: Benefits of On-Site Yoga Classes

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Employees in 2017 are looking for more than a secure job with good pay and benefits. Attracting and retaining the best talent requires instilling a culture that makes workers want to get up and come to work every day. This isn’t to say that the office is strictly a place of leisure or hard work shouldn’t be required. It just means that employees are more satisfied when they can balance out the stress of a nine-to-five job. For this reason, many top employers are installing gyms, juice bars, and meditation rooms, and allowing their employees to use these perks while on the clock. Another possibility is to offer on-site yoga classes. Yoga decreases stress and increases focus, leading to higher rates of employee satisfaction.

On-Site Yoga Considerations

The logistics of setting up on-site yoga classes at the workplace are pretty simple. All you need is adequate space and a qualified instructor. You can contract with someone to come in on a part-time basis to teach yoga to employees while they’re on the clock. You can also offer yoga for employees during their lunch break or before or after working hours, but the yoga becomes less of a benefit. There is a liability concern with on-site yoga. Yoga, while not strenuous in the way of powerlifting or CrossFit, still requires physical exertion, which occasionally leads to injury. You probably want to consult with a solicitor or barrister about drawing up the proper waivers to absolve your company from liability. To really make a splash, you might consider offering more advanced yoga variations, such as hot yoga, power yoga, or Bikram yoga. These forms of yoga require instructors with specific knowledge and training, and often require additional equipment, such as a steam generator.

On-Site Yoga Benefits

Whether you choose to offer traditional yoga or a more advanced variation, the benefits of on-site yoga are numerous. It is a fantastic employee recruitment tool, especially for younger people, for whom studies indicate higher levels of yoga participation. Often, people wish they could practice yoga more, but with children and other family responsibilities, they cannot find the time outside of work. Such people find it enticing to work for a company that offers yoga classes on the clock.Dozens of studies suggest that yoga reduces stress and increases concentration. Offering yoga to your employees results not only in higher levels of job satisfaction but also, potentially, better job performance. Mistakes on the job happen when workers are stressed out and unfocused. Yoga is proven to eliminate or reduce both sources of errors, meaning the investment your business makes in yoga classes could offer great returns in the areas of productivity and efficiency.An on-site studio where employees can take yoga classes while on the clock offers benefits for both your company and its workers. It is inexpensive to install, and it can pay you back in many ways.

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