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Can Playing Music Increase Staff Productivity?

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Allowing employees to listen to music can be a fantastic way to create a more positive, upbeat workplace environment, naturally boosting productivity, collegiality, teamwork, and morale. Whether you allow your team to bring headphones from home or you select some work-friendly tunes to play over the office or factory speakers, music is a remarkably cost-efficient way to keep your team smiling and working hard.

Boost Morale

Music lifts spirits—one melody can transform a bad day into a good one. While cranking hard rock for eight hours straight may not be an ideal approach, some light background classical can elevate the mood. Countless studies show that happy workers are productive workers, so music can actually increase your company’s bottom line. A positive workplace environment also keeps your turnover rates low, saving your company the high cost of finding, hiring, and training new team members.

Improve Collegiality and Teamwork

While individual tastes may differ, many people of all walks of life enjoy music. Enjoying music together creates unity among your staff, encouraging them to work as a team. Music can really help people bond and see the different sides of each other that aren’t always evident in the workplace. Employees can recommend their favorite music to each other, giving your team something to talk about at lunch.

Increase Work Speed and Efficiency

Music can have profound effects on your workers’ physical capabilities, especially when it comes to repetitive tasks. In a factory, it’s easy for line workers to lose focus and become distracted; music gives them a rhythm that helps to maintain a steady pace. Music can also help some people learn more effectively, especially those who are aural learners.

Licencing Requirements

Before you play copyrighted music in a public space, be sure you look into Canada’s music licencing requirements. Businesses must have a licence from the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. This licence gives you permission to use copyrighted music from all over the globe. You can obtain your licence directly through the organization using Tariff 15A, or you can get a subscription licence through a music supplier using Tariff 16. In some cases, retail, hospitality, and other similar businesses may also need to obtain additional licensing through Re:Sound.

Communicate With Your Team

If you’re going to play music at work, it’s important you make sure everyone is happy. By talking with your team, you can determine how the majority feels. If some workers prefer to work in silence, you may want to provide an area where you don’t play music, or simply encourage headphone use. You may also want to allow individual employees to choose the music on a rotating schedule so nobody feels left out. Music has tremendous potential to give your company a serious boost in morale and productivity, but it can have the opposite effect if people aren’t enjoying the selections. Make it a collaborative effort, and let everyone play DJ. The long-term results are sure to be music to everyone’s ears.

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