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Tips for Stopping Office Gossip

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A little workplace gossip every once in a while is normal, but nonstop office gossip can lower productivity and decrease morale. As the boss, you want to nip office gossip in the bud. Here are a few tips to keep your employees focused on their work and maintain a positive office vibe.

Approaching an employee who is spreading office gossip can be awkward, but try not to be shy. When you’re ready to address the problem, consider asking the person to your office for a formal chat. You might want to close your office door to be discrete.

The next thing you might do is ask the person spreading gossip to share their thoughts with you. Maybe you heard the person gossiping about another employee or about the company. It’s a good idea to encourage the person spreading gossip to be honest when sharing their thoughts on the matter with you.

During the meeting, let your employee know that your goal is to have a positive, supportive workplace environment where there is no place for gossip. To put a positive spin on your chat, you might acknowledge some of the person’s constructive contributions to your company and let him know that gossiping could overshadow the good work he does for you.

If gossip becomes a widespread problem for your business, it might be a good idea to create an office gossip policy. Be upfront about the consequences to give your employees a chance to modify their behaviour on their own.

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