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Using YouTube to Bring Your Employees Together

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With its ranking as the second-most-visited website in the world, only falling behind Google, a YouTube business account offers your company the kind of exposure that can’t be found anywhere else online. Even better, posting videos to the site is free, and YouTube offers many methods to help promote your videos.

However, marketing isn’t the only area where you gain a distinct advantage by using YouTube for business. Having a business YouTube channel can bring your employees together and help you create a more cohesive company culture.

Here are several ways to motivate employees and build team chemistry with your YouTube business channel.

Hold Marketing Competitions

Few better channels exist for marketing your business to the public than YouTube. After all, the site features videos of 12-year-olds playing classroom pranks that have racked up millions of views. Just imagine the kind of exposure a thoughtful, engaging, and correctly marketed video could bring.

YouTube marketing also provides a great way to foster teamwork and get your employees involved. Challenge them to come up with YouTube promotional ideas, and encourage friendly competition by dividing them into teams and having them challenge one another. Offer incentives for employees who demonstrate a high level of teamwork and creativity during the process. You’re bound to get some exposure for your business this way, plus it serves as a great opportunity for your employees to have fun and work together.

Improve Communications

Filming YouTube videos offers a fantastic way to keep everyone up to speed with new developments happening within the company. Unlike emails, which are highly impersonal and often only skimmed, and tedious meetings, YouTube gives you the chance to deliver messages to your employees that are fun and upbeat.

For example, you could film a monthly video that mimics a comedy news show, in which you run down the latest company happenings in a light and humorous fashion. Alternatively, you could foster employer-to-employee relationships by putting your employee of the month in charge of making your monthly YouTube video.

Pay Bonuses

Many YouTube newbies aren’t aware of this, but you can make money from the site itself in addition the revenue you earn from new customers that find your business through your YouTube videos.

Once your videos receive enough views, your business gets a cut of the revenue from the ads that play before each video loads. This is another place where you can offer employee incentives for making videos that go viral and earn YouTube ad revenue.

By giving your employees the opportunity to increase the size of their paycheque with YouTube videos, you offer an extra level of motivation — it’s human nature to work harder when the potential for financial gain exists. Even better, offering a YouTube bonus encourages teamwork, as employees can put their heads together to come up with the next viral craze.

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