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How Your Apple Watch Can Maximize Your Time

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The Apple Watch does lots more than just tell time. When you learn to use all its available features, this wearable technology, which offers most of the functionality of your smartphone in a tiny package on your wrist, can improve your small business’s productivity.

What Is the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is part of the smart watch line designed, developed, and distributed by Apple. It connects with your other Apple devices, including Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads, to keep all your information synced, and its Wi-Fi chip lets you connect wirelessly to make and take calls from your connected iPhone. Additionally, that Wi-Fi chip that allows easy pairing also lets you connect to wireless networks when out of your phone’s range. This gives you access to maps, searches, and information you keep stored in the cloud.

In addition, the device uses the features of Siri when you pair it with your iPhone, allowing you to check and compose emails and texts, make and take important phone calls, and use voice-controlled features directly from your wrist. It also lets you cycle through your favorite playlists during break-time workouts, all without picking up your phone or reaching for your device when your hands are full.

The Apple Watch shares functionality with regular watches while offering much more. Some of the key features of this wearable technology include:

  • Water resistance to 50 metres
  • LTE, UMTS, and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 18 hours
  • Apple wireless chips with dual processors
  • Retina displays with Force Touch operation
  • Up to 16GB of storage space
  • Built-in heath monitors, including electrical and optical heart sensors

During meetings and presentations, the Powerpoint app on your Apple Watch lets you start a slide show, flip through slides, or initiate the time-tracking feature, and its built-in clock display helps manage your time so you stay on track to finish on schedule. In most cases, the Apple Watch performs all the basic tasks your iPhone can do but does them faster.

How Can the Apple Watch Help Small Businesses?

While the health-monitoring tools in the Apple Watch don’t directly benefit your business, they help you stay in the know concerning your health. This, in turn, helps you note things that stress you out and gives you an opportunity to delegate when possible. The Apple Watch excels, though, when it comes to more direct business-related uses. For instance, if you need to share an email or message with others, you can take a screenshot of the message and send it. You can also save the message in your photos for easy reference at a later time. As another example, imagine you’re working on reports and have a deadline. The Apple Watch lets you answer calls, emails, and text via voice so you can keep working without getting up and finding your phone.

Apps for the Apple Watch

Downloadable Apple Watch apps help you run your business. For instance, Evernote for the Apple Watch lets you dictate to-do lists using voice recognition and cross items off your list with a simple tap of the screen. You can even create and set reminders for special events and appointments instead of taking the time to write everything down on a paper calendar.

While you might think the era of the watch ended with the smartphone, the Apple Watch proves otherwise. This device gives you most of the functionality of your smartphone without having to search it out, which saves you time when you need to share information quickly. If you’re a small business owner seeking ways to save time and money, consider QuickBooks Online. The QuickBooks Self-Employed app lets freelancers, contractors, and sole proprietors track and manage their businesses on the go. Download the app today to see how it can help your small business.

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