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Find the Perfect Executive Suite for Your Employee

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Attracting the best talent can be a challenge if you’re expecting employees to relocate to work with you. A recent poll found that less than half of Canadians are willing to accept a work contract that requires them to relocate. Also, only 10 percent would agree to move immediately even if they had a 10 percent raise and all moving expenses covered, while around 33 percent would consider accepting if offered the right incentives. One way to entice new talent is to provide a suitable home-from-home in the form of an executive suite that they can move into immediately without having to do the research themselves.

Why Not Use a Hotel Room?

While hotel rooms are great for vacations or business trips, they don’t make suitable homes and are totally inappropriate if your employee is relocating with a family in tow. They can often be in soulless locations close to airports or busy traffic interchanges, and while the daily room service might suit some people, the lack of privacy and inability to leave work valuables and confidential files lying around can be a nuisance. Additionally, the novelty of eating out for every meal soon wears off and can take its toll on a person’s health.

There is no need to completely dismiss hotels as many do offer a range of executive suites and some include basic kitchenettes. However, you tend to get more bang for your bucks by avoiding hotels as you don’t need to pay the range of taxes, such as goods and services tax, room tax and tourist tax, that can increase costs considerably.

What is a Perfect Executive Suite?

The most suitable executive suite for an employee is a fully-furnished apartment or town home that has as a bare minimum a separate bedroom, a living space, dedicated work space, and a full kitchen. It should be equipped with high-quality furnishings and a comfortable bed, as you want your employee to be able to relax at the day’s end and get a good night’s sleep. The kitchen should have everything necessary to prepare and cook a full meal. If the kitchen doesn’t come equipped with a washer/dryer and ironing board and iron, on-site laundry facilities are essential. Free Wi-Fi and TV are essential, along with cordless telephones with a complimentary number. To ensure your employee’s safety, the property should be up to date with all health and safety codes.

What Facilities Should Come Standard?

For many people, safe and dedicated on-site car parking is a must, and even more so if your employee is driving up from home after the weekend. Searching for a parking space and walking with heavy luggage is the last thing they need after a long trip. If the executive suite is located in shared premises, a secure entry system that prevents strangers wandering in from the street, surveillance cameras and on-site security 24/7 are important elements. Access to a shared fitness room or gym is also highly desirable, and an indoor pool or sauna is a great enticement, as are outdoor pools and barbecue areas in certain locations. The services of a housekeeper to clean up and change bedding and towels once- or twice-weekly is a great bonus for many people.

How to Choose a Location?

A location that offers your employee a short work commute is ideal. Choose one that is reasonably close to major transport hubs or highways and is in the kind of neighbourhood that’s most likely to appeal to your employee. Millennials might prefer to be in a typical downtown area with a good range of cultural activities, bars, restaurants and stores, with at least one grocery store near by. Having attractive views can make waking up each day in a strange place more appealing, and access to open spaces for walking or outdoor activities can be a huge enticement for more active individuals. If your employee is relocating with kids, proximity to childcare and/or good local schools is a must.

Where do I Look for Executive Suites?

Check out your local business directory or chamber of commerce for potential providers. Enter your city name and ‘executive suites’ in a search engine and a range of options should pop up, though these are often based in hotels. You can also study websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist, and Moving2Canada has useful information, including city-specific guides to accommodation and a network of city-specific Facebook groups you can join to find rental homes.

A major provider of executive suites in Canada that’s likely to appear in your searches is Premiere Suites, with more than 1,500 professionally managed, fully furnished luxury suites across 38 cities and 9 provinces. This company caters to professionals and their families who need 1, 2, 3 or more bedroom homes for a short term as well as extended-stay suites for individuals. Some of their properties are also pet-friendly. The website lets you search for suites by city, product and number of bedrooms, and you can see the location of each home on a Google street map.

What if my Business is in a Remote Location?

If your business is in a truly remote location with a small population from which to draw your employees and little or no commercially available executive suites, you might want to invest in purchasing homes to use for company housing. Free housing is a huge perk and one that’s likely to entice your top talent and encourage them to stay around once they’ve made the move. This is especially true if they’ve moved their families with them and gotten the kids settled into the local school.

People need their basic physiological and safety needs met to function effectively. Nurturing your top talent by setting them up with luxury accommodations from the beginning prevents them wasting valuable time and energy finding their own, makes them feel valued and enables them to give their best at work from day one.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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