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How To Handle Disengaged Employees

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Have you ever noticed signs of your employees losing interest and motivation during the work day? A bad attitude can affect everyone, especially in a small business setting. Find ways to keep your employee engagement high by offering employee incentives and benefits. Improving your employees’ overall work environment and company culture is the key to improving productivity.

Start by understanding why employees are becoming disengaged. If you don’t get why they’ve gotten bored, you can’t realistically reignite their enthusiasm. Employees may become disengaged if they feel undervalued or unappreciated, or (let’s be realistic) underpaid. Employees who feel like their work is unimportant or that they’re not contributing to the organization in a meaningful way aren’t motivated to take initiative. Identify the root of the issue to tackle specific problems head-on.

Offering employee benefits and incentives is one of the most effective ways to get your team inspired again. Of course, monetary rewards are always appreciated. Think through what else would make a difference in your employees’ work life. Would they like to work from home? Maybe they’d appreciate flexible hours or the opportunity for paid or unpaid time off. Profit sharing and promotional opportunities are also great incentives. Don’t forget about boosting morale through expressing gratitude and acknowledging solid performance.

Finally, a little communication can be all it takes to rectify an issue. If an employee’s performance is suffering, bring it up with them in a kind way. Once you understand what your employee is going through, you can approach the situation realistically and compassionately. Having a heart-to-heart with a disengaged employee can really make the staffer realize their true value to your company. Sometimes people just need a little reminder that they’re part of a team, and simply reaching out is a powerful step that proves you care.

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