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Small Business Tip: Write Your Book With the Help of a Writers’ Union of Canada Ghostwriter

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From marketing your brand to selling it as a product itself, there are a host of reasons you might want to publish a book. Writing is a special skill, though, and not everyone has it. Fortunately, the Writers’ Union of Canada maintains a list of ghostwriters who write books for a fee.

Ghostwriters are what they sound like. These professionals write a wide range of documents and publications for individuals and businesses, including books, for pay. They don’t get authorship credit for their work, though. You do, and you also own the rights to the material a ghostwriter creates for you. As of 2017, the Writers’ Union of Canada recommends a fee of $40,000 — payable in installments — for a book 60,000 to 90,000 words in length. Ghostwriting fees are always negotiable though, so if you decide to go this route, aim to negotiate a favourable fee with the writer.

The process of finding a ghostwriter through the Writers’ Union of Canada is fairly straightforward. Contact the organization online to get a request form. To get responses from writers, provide as much detail about your book project as possible, including the number of chapters you want as well as your deadline and word count. You want to attract a highly qualified writer, so make sure you include a synopsis of your subject area. The Writers’ Union of Canada says that if you don’t get responses to your request, it’s safe to assume that the writers aren’t interest.

If you find a ghostwriter through the organization, consider setting up a contract between you and the writer detailing payment terms and expectations. It’s a good idea to have your attorney draft the contract to make sure you get your book on time and don’t lose any money.

Hiring a high-end professional ghostwriter can save you time but not money. If the Writers’ Union of Canada’s proposed fee is out of your price range, consider hiring a freelance ghostwriter who charges less using gig websites like Upwork or Guru.

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