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Hiring Additional Help for your Landscaping Business

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As the owner of a landscaping business, you don’t want to overwork your employees — but you definitely do want to grow your business. A positive solution to this (welcome) issue is to expand your staff to meet demand. If you hire strategically, you can keep increasing your profits as your business thrives.

Considering How Much Landscaping Help You Need

Before you start posting help wanted ads and conducting interviews, you should figure out exactly how much help your landscaping business needs. Think about the number of hours per week you’re going to need people and whether this is going to be year-round, seasonal, or whenever you have a job requiring more people. After all, it’s important to be upfront with people about how much work you can give them, and you don’t want to hire a full-time, year-round employee if this is just a busy season.

One alternative to hiring employees is bringing on subcontractors as your new landscaping help, which works especially well when you only need help for the occasional job. It’s less of a commitment than hiring an employee, and your clients don’t need to know whether anyone is a subcontractor or your employee.

Finding Qualified Candidates

If you want qualified candidates, start by figuring out what qualifications you actually need. If you’re looking for people with strong work ethics and good attitudes who can learn on the job, put out a call via social media or ask your current employees to refer people they feel they can work well with. You may want to offer a finder’s fee for any successful referrals. If you do, make sure you clarify that someone is only considered a successful referral when they work for you a minimum length of time, such as 90 days.

For positions that require more expertise, you’re better off using online job boards and seeking out referrals. The Landscape.Jobs board is a great choice because it focuses entirely on landscaping jobs, meaning you get candidates who specifically want to work in landscaping. You can also get good results on popular online job boards such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, and Monster.

Going Through the Hiring Process

For an efficient hiring process, it’s important to filter your candidates so that you’re only interviewing the cream of the crop. Part of this is looking over each candidate’s qualifications, and you can also get a better idea of who to bring in by sending a short questionnaire to candidates who meet your requirements.

Questions should encourage thorough answers and relate to the position. For example, you could ask what safety precautions a candidate takes when using a power saw or how he might deal with a bug infestation. With these questions, not only are you assessing a candidate’s knowledge, you’re also gauging his enthusiasm and attitude. If a candidate isn’t willing to put in much effort with his answers, he probably isn’t going to go the extra mile on the job, either.

Once you narrow down who you’re bringing in, the interview itself doesn’t need to cover too much ground. Here, you simply need to check that the candidate possesses both the right skill set and attitude to work at your company.

Finding the right help the first time around keeps your landscaping business running smoothly. When you know how to locate good candidates and choose the best of the best, your business can continue to expand while satisfying its clients.

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