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Find the Most Qualified Candidates by Posting an Effective Job Ad

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A job ad is just like any advertisement – your goal is to sell something to your audience. To get results, you have to know your audience and understand what they want. It’s frustrating to post a job ad for a job opening and receive no response – or worse yet, receive applications from the wrong candidates. An effective job ad can greatly improve your chance of finding the most qualified candidates.

Use an Appealing Job Title

The title of your job ad is what people see first when they come across your ad. If you put more thought into the job title, you have a better chance to attract the right people. An effective job title should grab the attention of job seekers and offer them a clear idea of what the job is about. For example, if you want to hire a sales representative, instead of just putting “Sales Representative” as your job title, put “Dynamic and Energetic Sales Professional.”

Make It Search-Friendly

No matter how interesting your job opening or how generous your job offer is, if people can’t find your job ad, you won’t get any qualified candidates – or any candidates, for that matter. Incorporate popular keywords related to the job type in your ad so that it appears higher in the list of search results when people search for it using a search engine. Make sure that the keywords appear naturally in your ad so that the content is understandable. If you’re not sure what keywords to use, you may consider asking your current employees for suggestions.

Keep It Concise and to the Point

Job seekers don’t want to spend 30 minutes reading a lengthy job ad. As much as you want to include every single detail about your company in the ad, stick to what is relevant to the particular position you’re trying to fill. Focus on what you need from the right candidates, including the minimum qualifications and experience, and why they should apply for this position and not other similar job openings.

Add Visual Content

Some job seekers – particularly those who work in creative industries – are more visual than others. They prefer visual content, such as images or videos to text. Adding visual content can make your job ad stand out and appeal to these job seekers. For example, instead of describing your company culture or workplace atmosphere, you can include a video of your office in the job ad and let potential job candidates see it for themselves.

Emphasize the Perks

Financial compensation alone may not be enough to attract top talents, because it’s something that all companies offer. Let job seekers know what else they can get when they work for your company, such as better health benefits, flexible working hours, ongoing training opportunities, and career advancement. The job ad becomes more attractive if your company offers more unique perks, such as free meals and a pet-friendly workplace.

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