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How to Use Social Media as an Employee Recruitment Tool for Your Small Business

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Add social media to your business’s recruitment arsenal for attracting the best employees. Social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can help you find passive candidates, those who might be open to the idea of switching jobs but who aren’t actively looking.

LinkedIn, which has a platform constructed entirely around networking for job and business purposes, is the most popular place to recruit employees on social media. However, Facebook and Twitter offer unique advantages as well, and mastering them gives your business a leg up on the competition for seeking the best job candidates.

Why Social Media?

There are many tools available to reach out to job seekers, from newspaper classifieds to job search sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder. However, social media lets you identify and approach employees who aren’t actively seeking a job change, while classifieds and job boards limit you to those who are on the hunt.

The best employees probably aren’t scanning job boards or thumbing through classified ads. They have jobs they’re happy with – and because they’re good at those jobs, their employers try to keep them happy and prevent them from jumping ship. Consequently, it can be difficult to find these workers and even more challenging to entice them to leave their current situations and take a chance with your company. That’s where social media can help. By creating a presence on social media and painting your business in the best light, you can attract employees you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

LinkedIn Strategies

LinkedIn offers tools for small businesses to find qualified workers. Its Recruiter Lite tool offers over 15 search filters to help you narrow down your list of candidates, and you can send up to 30 mail message each month to your top candidates. Even better, you’re able to view unlimited profiles in your extended network.

Mastering the search filters is key for targeting the best candidates. In addition to searching by location, industry, and current employer – a feature that helps you poach talent from the big industry competitors in town – using specific keywords, such as “marketing director” or “six sigma,” lets you find workers with a specific job function or skill set.

Even better, you can save your search criteria, and LinkedIn will notify you in the future of candidates who fit your needs. This way, when someone creates a new profile who has the skills you want, your company can be among the first to contact them.

Use Facebook and Twitter

Though more social in nature than the business-centric LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter also offer valuable recruitment tools. You can run Facebook job ads and target them to users whose profiles incorporate certain keywords, such as sales or computer programming. On Twitter, including hashtags in your posts, such as #jobs, #careers, or #hiring, connects your posts to people searching these terms on the platform.

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