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Are Resumes as Important As They Used to Be?

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Resumes may seem outdated in comparison to their video and PowerPoint counterparts, but they still can play a vital role in finding the perfect employees for your business. Their simple formula makes it possible to locate information about a candidate quickly, and resumes make excellent pre-screening tools. Whether you are looking to hire someone immediately or want to keep an arsenal of potential sales gurus to fill out your team on hand, resumes provide a wealth of benefits.

Helpful Screening Criteria

Resumes have a universal format that lets you know a candidate’s prior work experience, educational background, and any accomplishments. Word choice, font, paper choice, length, cover letter, and format all make one resume stand out from another. A flawless resume that is free of grammar and spelling errors and an apparent attention to detail makes a good first impression and can immediately help you narrow your choices. You should also note significant cross-overs with the applicants’ experience level and the job qualifications.

Along with a resume, a portfolio from photographers or graphic artists shows off individual skills and creativity. You may also test applicants for competency on software programs to weed out candidates who do not have the necessary basic skills to perform the job.

Work With Applicant-Tracking Systems

In the past, human resource professionals had to personally read and screen each application and resume by hand to find potential employees. Now, many companies use applicant-tracking systems to help process large numbers of applications and to assist with the hiring process. These programs scan resumes for keywords and narrow down the candidate list for a specific job. The more keywords in a resume that match a particular job description, the higher the individual ranks. This helps you quickly identify the top-tier applicants. Not only does this save you time, it can help you identify where candidates found the job posting so you know where to focus more time on recruiting efforts.

Resume Options

For small businesses looking to attract a wide range of applicants, there are many new options to traditional resumes worth looking into. Social media accounts provide a powerful insight into a new employee’s lifestyle, experiences, and skills. A poll from consulting firm Lee Hecht Harrison shows nearly half of all job seekers are active on social media channels and 89 percent use some type of social media in their job search efforts.

LinkedIn profiles can often serve as resumes and make it possible to search for candidates using keywords. Recommendations from coworkers and past employers on-site serve as personal recommendations for specific job skills.

In addition, networking may also serve as an excellent way to gain access to potential employees. Referrals can take place without the exchange of resumes and cover letters.

Resumes are a simple tool that help you focus on a potential employee’s strengths and weaknesses. They are easy to skim through and help streamline the recruiting process. While they are often the standard method for screening employees, they are not the only way to handle recruiting.

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