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What You Should Know About the Proposed Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program

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If you’re a member of the First Nations, the Metis Nation, or Inuit peoples, the Canadian government has some good news for you in 2018, thanks to a new plan designed to reduce the long-standing earnings gap between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous workers. This $2 billion program intends to increase earnings and employment by providing the funding needed to help you build a thriving business.

Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program: The Basics

According to the Government of Canada, Indigenous Peoples have higher unemployment levels than non-Indigenous Canadians. What’s more, the Indigenous Peoples who are employed tend to make less money for the same job. That’s what the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program is trying to fix. For the first five years, the government plans to invest $2 billion in job training and skills development, all in the hope that free, easy-access education can close the pay gap and boost employment. After the first five years, the program promises $408.2 million in government funding per year for the same programs.

This new program is designed to replace the government’s Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy. If it succeeds, it promises to help 15,000 more people across Canada. Plus, instead of focusing on finding a job quickly, the program plans to help people find higher-quality, better-paying jobs.

Benefits for Women

Some of the most exciting benefits of the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program are directed toward women. If you’re familiar with job statistics in Canada, you know that Indigenous women usually have more education than men, but they also have lower incomes and a harder time finding work. To help, this new program is providing government funding for child care and other services that make it easier for women to access education and jobs. With this equal access, the government hopes to empower women to build businesses and supercharge their local economies.

Benefits for Employers and Employees

If you’re a part of the business community, the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program is packed with benefits. If you run a small business, the program may make hiring easier. After all, it plans to build a highly skilled workforce, so you should have an easier time finding talented employees. This means you can spend less time and money on training. Since the program focuses on lasting employment, it could also help you reduce expensive turnover.

For members of the First Nations, Metis, or Inuit groups, the program could be a game-changer. If you’re starting a small business, you could take advantage of free training to build skills in everything from accounting to marketing. When you want to start a new career, the program’s educational offerings could get you there faster. If you’re a woman with children, the program’s child care can make it easier to work or take classes without breaking the bank.

The Canadian government considers these new provisions in Budget 2018 as a step forward in advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and raise quality of life through providing the skills development that advances long-lasting employment for these people groups, all with a recognition of your rights as Indigenous People and an eye to self-determination.

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