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The Overlooked Advantages of the Munchies: an Ode to Office Snacks

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Your employees leave your business premises in search of snacks and meals. Multiply the number of employees you have by their average salary per hour, the total of which is the amount of money you lose per day due to your staff grazing off-premises. To keep more of your business’s hard-earned money in-house, consider the advantages of providing your employees with daily snacks – and meals, on occasion.

Builds Team Spirit

Food brings people together. When your employees leave the premises to eat, they often do so alone or in groups of friends, which can evolve into workplace cliques that can negatively impact team spirit. Whether providing snacks or meals, having your employees eat together helps them bond and encourages collaboration. If you don’t have the budget to provide daily meals, consider providing pizza or box lunches at least once a week. The goal is to encourage your employees to eat together and talk.

Retains Employees

Providing free snacks and meals makes your employees happy. The availability of food alleviates their worries about what to pack for lunch; providing food also lets your employees keep their hard-earned paycheques in their pockets. Providing food boosts retention and increases the likelihood of your employees spreading the good word about your company on career-focused social media websites, which in turn boosts your company’s reputation and ability to attract top talent.

Boosts Focus and Productivity

Often, convenience stores near office complexes sell salty and sugary snacks, which can be productivity killers. Snacks such as cookies, candy, or doughnuts provide a temporary energy boost, but they cause blood sugar levels to drop quickly – the reason you might find your employees dozing at the peak of the workday. On the other hand, healthy snacks, such as those made from whole grains and nuts, release glucose slowly into the blood and provide a steady stream of energy throughout the day. To provide healthy snacks that your employees will enjoy, create a survey with a few healthy choices, and keep the most popular snack choices in stock.

Snacks to Consider

Various type of teas, coffee, non-dairy milk, sparkling water, and fruit juice make for low-sugar, healthy beverages to keep in your workplace fridge. Consider keeping yogurt cups, whole grain crackers, granola bars, and fresh fruit on hand in your workplace kitchen. If you offer breakfast or lunch, consider buffet items such as egg whites, turkey bacon and sausage, whole grain breads, salad options, and lean chicken or beef. It’s also a good idea to have vegetarian snack and meal choices for those among your staff who don’t eat meat.

Tax Benefits

The Canada Revenue Agency allows you to claim the expense of feeding your employees. You can use your cloud-based bookkeeping software to keep track of workplace food and snack costs, which makes it easier to complete the appropriate forms come tax time.

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