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Recruiting and Retaining Workers in the Yukon

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With its soaring mountains and pristine lakes, the Yukon is one of the most beautiful areas in Canada. It’s also remote and lightly populated, which can make it tough for your company find and keep great workers. If you run a business in the Yukon, an ongoing recruitment and retention strategy can help you fill vacancies faster and maintain a full staff.

Promote the Positive

When a professional from Toronto or Vancouver thinks about working in the Yukon, they might only imagine long winters and far-off places. As an employer, you can help banish that stereotype by focusing on the wonderful things about your area. Gorgeous photography is a great way to reel people in — it makes a big impression and draws people to your brochures or website. Instead of displaying the staff gathered in your office, you might splash the Career page with a picture of the whole team on a lunchtime hike. Instead of a standard building shot, try a drone photo with a sparkling lake in the background.

Once you have viewers’ attention with photos, you can use the text to talk up your area. You could discuss the friendly community vibe, talk about outdoor adventure, or highlight the low cost of living. You also have an opportunity to combat common worries, so note the great Wi-Fi, talk about shopping options, and mention that the local airport can get workers to Vancouver in an hour.

Find Different Talent Pools

Are you doing most of your recruiting outside of the Yukon? If so, it might be helpful to look to different talent pools closer to home. When you need extra pairs of hands for basic labour, work with a local high school or college to find interns or part-time workers. Alternatively, look to groups that are underrepresented in Canada’s workforce, such as indigenous peoples. You might even partner with the Aboriginal Labour Force Alliance or the Council of Yukon First Nations to offer a training-to-employment program. Reaching out to existing Yukon residents has big benefits for your company; since these workers are established in your area, they’re less likely to leave, which means better employee retention.

Keeping Your Workers Happy

Recruitment is just the first step. It’s important to keep your workers in the Yukon engaged. As a small business owner, you have the power to add responsibilities and adjust each worker’s duties to fit their career goals. That’s a big benefit for employees, especially when you’re bringing in people who are used to being tiny fish in huge corporate ponds.

While there’s no getting around the remote location or long winters in the Yukon, your scheduling can help. You can let workers take advantage of the warm months by offering flex time or summer Fridays off. When it comes to holidays, keep in mind that workers probably need to travel a long way to see their families and friends. If you offer a remote-work option or longer vacations, that can help your staff make the most of the journey. For companies in the far reaches of the Yukon, offering a free flight home once a year for each employee is a nice perk.

If you’re a Yukon business owner, recruiting and retention are long-term business activities. By making them part of your everyday operations, you can avoid long labour shortages and build a solid foundation for your company.

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