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Recruiting Employees for Your Small Business

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You have advantages over your larger competitors when you’re hiring employees for your small business. Small businesses offer many benefits that big companies cannot provide, making it easier for you to attract talented individuals that can help add to the success of your startup.

Gain Broad Experience

Your small business might not have the resources to hire a large team; you may have a single employee who is responsible for marketing, payroll, and receivables. Having fewer layers of management lets your staff gain experience across different facets of your business, adding variety and the opportunity to learn new skills. When you decide to hire a new team member, emphasize the diverse experiences the employee could receive by working for your company. Target recent graduates who want to apply what they learned in their studies. For instance, you could advertise that your business offers commerce graduates practical experience in accounting, e-commerce, and statistics.


Smaller companies are typically more flexible; they can make decisions quickly due to a lack of internal policies and procedures. Having more flexibility gives you more control over managing your staff. For example, you could let people work from home or offer job sharing. Consider investing in technology that makes working away from the office possible. For example, if you own a small accounting business, you could invest in cloud accounting software. When you recruit, emphasize how your business can adapt to different working arrangements to accommodate employees’ particular needs.

Direction and Results

If you employ a small team, they have a significant influence on the direction and results of your business. Your employees’ expertise, knowledge, and network help build your company’s reputation and attract customers. For example, if your small business employs two staff members, they may generate over 50% of revenue from new clients each year. A small team helps you build a family-like culture that values inclusion and participation from each person working in your business. When hiring new employees, emphasize that they have the potential to make a difference to your company.

Employee Perks

Owning a small business lets you to reward your employees in fun and unique ways. Use employee perks to help grow a culture that benefits your business. For example, if you own a software startup, you could provide free lunch in a communal lounge with an air hockey table to encourage team camaraderie. Allowing your staff to wear casual dress may help to improve job morale, resulting in better performance. When you advertise positions within your business, list the perks provided and link them to marketing your startup as an enjoyable and exciting place to work. Your startup’s small size provides benefits that can help you attract the best talent. When hiring new staff, sell the advantages a small business can provide, including gaining broad experience, increased flexibility, the ability to influence direction and results, and great perks.

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