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Offer Incentives to Recruit Workers for Remote Locations

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If you run a business in one of the far corners of Canada, you how how hard it can be to find talented employees. When your local population is small, this usually means you need to recruit outside the area and convince workers to relocate. Special employee incentives can help make your job opportunity more appealing, so you can bring in great workers and stay productive.

Financial Benefits Can Attract Employees to Remote Locations

When you’re running a business in a remote location, money matters. The most important thing you can do to improve your company’s recruitment is to pay well. The salaries you offer must be competitive with other companies—otherwise, employees have no reason to relocate. Don’t stop there; you may also need to offer signing bonuses and pay for the employee’s relocation expenses.

This might seem excessive, but imagine you’re a worker considering the job. After you add up the expenses for fuel, a moving truck, hotels, and food during a multi-day road trip, you’re probably out thousands of dollars. Then, add in the emotional toll of leaving your family and friends behind. For many people, the costs are simply too high. By offering financial help, you can take away some of these concerns, which makes it easier for them to say yes.

Free Housing is a Major Perk

Think about your local area — how much affordable housing is available to buy or rent? If the supply is limited, it might be time to consider investing in employee homes. Free housing is a huge perk for workers who are thinking of relocating. It means that they don’t have to spend money on rent or a special house-hunting trip. As an extra bonus, install high-speed internet for your company housing; that way, employees can stream Netflix and FaceTime their loved ones during off hours, which makes it easier to be separated.

If you can’t afford to build or buy a house, your other assets might also be useful. One remote Canadian business, the Farmer’s Daughter Country Market in Cape Breton Island, offered two free acres of land to employees willing to relocate long-term.

Family-Related Perks That Interest Employees

Workers with families can be a big asset when you run a business in a remote part of Canada. Once an employee goes through the trouble moving their entire family across the country to work for you, they’re more likely to stick around. A single person can quit your company and move in a heartbeat — it isn’t quite so easy for a person with kids and a spouse.

If you want your business to be family-friendly, you need to look beyond typical human resources perks. Instead, think about ways to make your employee’s family happy. Provide free childcare at the office, especially if babysitters or daycare companies are scarce in your area. To reassure spouses and children about the move, make sure that you tell prospective workers about the family-friendly aspects of your location: great schools, entertainment options, and access to healthcare.

There’s no question — recruiting employees for a remote location is expensive. When you spend the money on hiring and keeping workers happy, however, it often results in lower turnover and higher longer-term savings for your business.

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