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Outsourcing in the Restaurant Industry

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You and your employees don’t need to do it all when you’re in the restaurant industry. By outsourcing tasks, you can save money while letting your team focus on bigger priorities, such as preparing meals and providing a first-class experience to customers. Here are some tasks a restaurant owner can safely outsource.


Food delivery is a great way to expand your market and boost profits, but this method can get pricey if you hire and insure your own delivery drivers. In addition to making sure you have enough drivers to handle your order load, you need to anticipate demand to avoid paying drivers when you don’t need them.

Third-party delivery services, such as DoorDash and UberEATS, can deliver your restaurant’s food whether you have a few orders per night or dozens. Managing orders through these service providers is usually easy. Plus, since experienced drivers handle your food, your customers don’t have to worry about late service. You only pay for what you need, so you can scale orders without hassle as demand varies throughout the year.


Food service can get messy. From uniforms and towels to rags and tablecloths, there’s plenty of laundry to do each week. On top of the time-cost of doing laundry, you have to buy the right cleaning supplies to cut through all the grease and food stains that come with running a restaurant.

A laundry service can make your clothes and other fabrics look brand new whenever you want. Their industrial-strength cleaners ensure your laundry gets clean without damage, and their timely turnaround means you can focus on more pressing things.


Cleanliness is key to any successful restaurant, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency checks restaurants regularly to ensure they’re up-to-date on clean food-handling practices. Violations can lead to fines and even orders to shut down your restaurant if you’re not careful. Besides, shiny counters and gunk-free floors are just more appetizing to patrons.

A professional cleaning company may cost less per hour than what you pay your staff. Even if you can handle regular cleaning on your own, you might want to bring in professionals a few times a year for a deep cleaning.


Restaurant finances can get complicated. First, you have to handle payroll every pay period, which means paying your employees and calculating how much you need to pay in taxes. Then you have to file business taxes at the end of the year, which requires tracking revenue and expenses. Consider hiring a payroll company to take care of paychecks and ensure your employees and government get the right amount. You may also want to hire an accountant to prepare your business tax return and keep track of finances.

Successful business owners know which tasks are worth their attention and which they can outsource without a dent to their bottom line. By outsourcing your delivery, laundry, cleaning and finances, you can keep your business running smoothly while focusing on what matters most: the food.

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