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How to Handle a Bad Online Review

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In the age of social media, customers have a larger platform than ever to make their opinions known about your business.

However, dissatisfied customers are more likely to take the time to post an online review.

If you stay in business long enough, you’re bound to be faced with bad online business reviews from time to time. Find out how to handle these business reviews so that they don’t harm your company’s reputation.

Be Available to Your Customers

Many customers post bad online reviews only after cannot resolve a problem with the business directly.

For example, customers could receive the wrong order, but when they call customer service to complain, they’re led through an endless push-button labyrinth and cannot get a human being on the phone. That is when they take to an online review site to vent their frustrations.

Let your customers know that if they have any problems or concerns, they can come to you directly, and you will handle their issues promptly. If you follow through on this promise, you can preempt a lot of bad online reviews.

Don’t Ignore Bad Reviews

The worst thing you can do upon seeing a bad online review about your business is ignore it and hope prospective customers don’t notice it.

Not only will they notice it, but they’ll also notice your glaring lack of response. This conveys the message that your business doesn’t take customer concerns seriously.

On the other hand, taking the time to write out a thoughtful, polite and professional response demonstrates that you and your business, though not perfect, are committed to making things right on the rare occasion that mistakes do occur.

Have Defamatory or Libelous Reviews Removed

Most bad online reviews come from honest customers who experience isolated bad experiences with your business. From time to time, you might receive a negative review from an unscrupulous person with an ax to grind. It could be a competitor or someone with a personal vendetta against you.

Online review sites don’t allow you to remove bad reviews yourself, but you can contact them directly when you find one that is obscene, defamatory or that features untrue information.

If the review proves libelous or defamatory, the site should be able to remove it without issue.

Get Positive Reviews

One way to deal with negative reviews is to bury them in a sea of positive reviews.

A one-star rating stands out when your business has only a handful of reviews. It isn’t as noticeable when you have hundreds of reviews, most of them giving five stars.

Get positive reviews by letting happy customers know how important public feedback is to you and your business. Busy customers may not think to write positive reviews of your business on their own. However, if you ask them to do it after they’ve expressed their satisfaction, many customers are more than happy to take the time.

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