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Reasons to Hire Military Vets for Your Canadian Small Business

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If you’re ready to add staff to your Canadian small business, consider hiring military veterans. These well-qualified men and women bring a wealth of assets to the business world, and you’re likely to be pleased with your recruiting results.

The Benefits of Hiring Military Veterans

Veterans typically possess unique qualities that make them ideal job candidates. Take a look at what your organization gains when you hire veterans:

  1. Veterans are responsible. They’ve been trained to take their jobs seriously and not to shirk responsibility while on duty. They’re coming from an environment in which a negligent oversight or a bad choice could result in the death of their comrades, so they approach all their work with a serious attitude.
  2. Veterans are well-organized. No organization has a stronger sense of structure and procedure than the military, and your new hire brings that awareness to your small business. Look to hire a vet if your company could use a little organizational help.
  3. Veterans know how to respond to health and safety standards. They’re used to working in a dangerous environment, so they pay strict attention to health and safety protocols, making them ideal hires if those issues matter in your business.
  4. Veterans work hard. They’ve spent years with no days off, working in an environment where full staffing is required even on weekends or holidays. When you hire a veteran, you won’t see them sloughing off on the job.
  5. Veterans have a global perspective. Even a small business with one location in a Canadian village is likely to be touched by some form of globalization, whether you’re dealing with international vendors or customers. Many veterans have experience with multicultural communication and global marketplaces, so they aren’t going to be thrown when faced with the unexpected.
  6. Veterans bring tasks to completion. One of the most frustrating things a small business owner can experience is hiring a new employee who looks great initially but never seems to accomplish anything. That’s unlikely to happen when you hire veterans, who are used to working with a sense of urgency and understand the big picture regarding what you’re trying to accomplish.
  7. Veterans receive excellent leadership training. If you’re looking to hire someone who can rise through the ranks of your organization to take a leadership position, why not start by hiring someone who’s already risen through some tough ranks? Every branch of military services focuses on identifying and training leaders, so you know your new hires are prepared for any pressure your small business might put on them.

How to Recruit Qualified Military Veterans to Your Organization

Now that you’ve decided you want to hire veterans, how do you find them? Make your company stand out to veterans looking for a place to land by creating a recruiting strategy that reaches out to veterans. Consider attending a job fair at a local military base, or post your job listings on military job boards to start to develop a reputation as a military-friendly company. If you already have veterans on your payroll, use them as recruiters, since they’re likely to be able to communicate well with job applicants. Ask military and ex-military members you know for recommendations when you’re ready to hire new employees. As you expand your recruiting strategy to bring in more military veterans, you can expect your small business to benefit dramatically from the skills, attitude, and leadership these men and women bring to your organization.

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