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Hire an Outside Company to Clean Your Small Business Offices

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As your small businesses grows, so does the need to hire office cleaning professionals. After all, tidying up after a hard day of work can be a time-consuming process and often, that time is better spent working on more pressing projects.

If your business consists of one to five people, you can probably handle cleanup duties on your own. Of course, that figure may vary depending on the size of your facility as well as the nature of your mess. For example, a ceramics company operating out of a warehouse is going to leave behind a bigger mess than a graphic design firm based in a office.

The best way to gauge if hiring a cleanup crew is worth it is to simply crunch some numbers. When it’s time to start cleaning, set a timer. Take that figure, and multiply it by each team member’s hourly wage. Then, decide if it makes sense to pay an office cleaning crew instead of your employees.

Besides considering the total amount of money spent, don’t forget to also take into account that time spent cleaning could have been used doing other work. After all, time and money are often one and the same. Now, simply compare the money you’re currently spending to pay your employees to clean with the cost of hiring a cleaning service. If you could pay professionals for approximately the same price, or ideally even less, the decision is clear.

You may also consider hiring a cleaning crew if your company is actively trying to go green. There are plenty of green cleaning businesses that use environmentally friendly products and methods to help your company reduce its carbon footprint. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to invest in new cleaning products and equipment when you could simply outsource your green cleaning needs.

Finally, sometimes the best way to save on cleaning costs is be proactive. Look for ways to organize your workplace and set new cleanliness guidelines. From there, you may find that weekly or even monthly cleanings are all it takes to keep your work environment looking sparkly fresh.

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