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Tracking Time When You’re Billing by the Hour

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If you bill clients by the hour, you need to ensure you don’t put in time without recording it. Time-tracking apps can help organize and track your billable hours. Depending on the app you select, there are a range of features available at a range of price points.


Fanurio lets you track hours manually or with a timer, but this app also tracks expenses and travel costs. You may divide expenses into different project or client categories, and you can code projects as billable or unbillable. This app also generates invoices and expense reports.For example, you can use this app to track costs and time for your internal records while you are researching a new product. This is not a smartphone app, but it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix on laptops and desktops.

TSheets Time Tracking

Compatible with QuickBooks, TSheets Time Tracking boasts high user satisfaction. The program allows you to create schedules, and it allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere using a computer, laptop or smartphone app. Employees may even text or call in a code to sign in if they are don’t have a smartphone or are in an area with no cellphone coverage that only offers access to landline phones. GPS capabilities allow you to check on the location of your workers in the field, and the dashboard shows you instantly who is working, where they are and how many hours they’ve logged. With the tap of a button, you can sync your worker’s hours to your accounting software, and this eliminates mistakes related to manual entry, saves time and streamlines your payroll process. The app starts with a free trial so you can test it out, and if you like it, the service is available for a monthly fee.


Timesheet is a time tracker with a lot of fun features. You can track hours based on different rates and add additional expenses, such as mileage or travel costs, to each project or bill. The app is free, but you can upgrade to the premium version for a fee. Additional features include voice command, so you can start the app without taking your phone out. You can also import customer calls and convert them into billable hours and attach documents and notes to each file. One of the most compelling features of Timesheet is that you can set up the timer to start or stop based on your GPS coordinates or when you’re in range of a certain Wi-Fi network.


This app also offers a free 14-day trial and then charges by the month. It can work for individual freelancers or for small business owners with several employees to manage. You can track hours based on the client, project or task, and a simple toggle button makes it easy to jump from tracking one project to tracking minutes for another project. This web-based time tracking software works on computers, laptops and smartphones, so you and your employees can track your hours from anywhere. Budgeting features allow you to set goals and see exactly how many hours you are devoting to a project, and a range of visual reports gives you the insight you need to make decisions about time management, employee productivity, payroll and similar issues. Finally, you can create invoices with the tap of a button using Minutedock, and syncing your data to QuickBooks is just as simple.

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