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Using Facebook to Bring Your Employees Together

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Promoting teamwork and collaboration among employees at your small business is vital, and you can use Facebook to accomplish this goal. Social media is a staple in modern society and naturally encourages the sharing of thoughts and ideas. The impact this free tool can have for your small business is exponential; not only can you manage and market your company and brand, but you can also use Facebook to engage, motivate, and encourage collaboration among employees.

Create a Facebook Group

When encouraging your employees to discuss, test, and cultivate ideas that relate directly to your business, how it functions, and the goods or services it provides, confidentiality is important. Because Facebook users have such extensive networks, it is wise to create a secret Facebook group, one that is private and open only to your employees and individuals who are privy to company information. Establishing a private group enables you to control access and the flow of information. By inviting only pertinent insiders to the group, you protect your business and your employees.

Your Facebook group can be used to communicate freely, providing employees with updates, introducing new hires or clients, allowing individual employees to share news or thoughts, and ultimately bringing your team more together. In general, small business owners tend to find that creating a safe place for employees to share and collaborate results in employees who think and work more creatively, perform individual and group functions more effectively, and have an overall better and more satisfying work experience. This boosts productivity and increases the number of goods or services being brought to the table and ultimately sold to clients or customers.

Keep in mind this group should be created separate from, but not instead of, a Facebook page or fan page for your company. An open-access Facebook page for your business itself is still an important way for customers or clients to reach out, get information, and provide feedback and opinions, all factors that remain important to your company.

Encourage Nonwork Interactions

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media site in the world, and your employees likely have their own personal pages. A secret Facebook group exclusive to company members is important for privacy and the security of your company. However, the happiness and productivity of your employees is also important for company success. Depending on the nature of your small business, employees may feel somewhat isolated, particularly if they are the only person in a respective “department” at your business. Use Facebook to encourage employees to interact with one another outside of the business scope. This allows your employees to build stronger personal relationships with one another outside of the confines of their work duties. In the end, such an approach can increase your employees’ connectivity and interest in one another, thus engendering a greater capacity to work with one another in the most effective and lucrative ways.

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