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3 Keys to Leveraging Twitter to Promote Your Small Business

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In the 21st century, social media outlets such as Twitter are used by millions of consumers every day. Twitter can serve as an important avenue for promoting your small business at little or no cost. It is difficult for small businesses to fund large, traditional marketing campaigns or advertisements in a way that effectively make them stand out; by utilizing Twitter, a small business can potentially reach many more people than it could with paid advertising. Here are three keys to successfully leverage Twitter to promote your business.

Use Hashtags

Most people have heard someone refer to a hashtag or seen one on a commercial or television show. A hashtag is one of Twitter’s most unique and recognizable traits; these symbols link conversations and comments on a topic together. Using hashtags is one of the simplest methods for getting wide exposure on Twitter. All you need to do is use hashtags that link your business tweets to popular topics. For example, if “mornings” is a popular hashtag, then you definitely want to add it to tweets about your coffee shop. Engaging in Twitter conversations on topics related to your business can also provide insights into your customers’ wants and needs.

Also consider creating your own hashtags, using words or short phrases designed to support the branding identity of your small business. Good hashtags express what is unique or superior about your brand. Using such a hashtag frequently in posts, and encouraging your employees and customers to do the same, helps strengthen your brand and increases the likelihood of potential customers finding your company when searching terms related to your industry.

Build Trust in Your Brand

Twitter can be used to enhance your personal credibility in your field of business and increase trust in your brand. Social media is an arena where consumers often look to first for reliable feedback on products, services, and companies. Build your Twitter following by including your company’s Twitter handle on your business website. Also include it and other social media profile names on any promotional material. As new and current customers come into contact with your brand and promotional material, they get easy access to a link that keeps them engaged with your business.

Putting this information at patrons’ fingertips encourages them to share with others about the experiences they’ve had interacting with your brand. In a world that sometimes seems to offer too many choices, consumers place extra value on the recommendations of others. Twitter is, essentially, a word-of-mouth sharing platform for the digital age, and your potential new client base is listening; use this outlet to its full advantage.

Keep It Simple

Tweets are arguably popular partly because of their limited length at 140 characters. People generally respond favorably to bite-size bits of information that also offer links to more information. Twitter is the ideal “short and sweet” message medium. Keep your tweets simple and straightforward but also include links to your company website. It is important to give people an easy “click here” option when they’re moved to connect further with your business.

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