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DIY Photography Series: 3 Tips for Real Estate Listing Photos That Really Sell

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A perfectly captured and executed photograph can make all the difference in marketing your goods or services. However, many small businesses simply cannot afford the services of a professional photographer. Fortunately, with the high quality, easy-to-use cameras of today, just a little bit of study and practice can make you more than proficient at do-it-yourself (DIY) photography. If you own a small real estate firm or work as an independent real estate agent, then you’re already aware of how important listing pictures are to attracting potential buyers and closing sales. A great listing photo is one of your most important assets when selling homes or land. Here are three DIY photo tips that can help you close the deal.

Use a Tripod

Getting the perfect shot of a home you’re trying to sell requires planning and patience. While it’s important to work quickly and get a number of pictures from different angles, using a tripod allows you to keep your hands free to make view and filter adjustments, and also enables you to easily check the shot is lined up correctly. Using a tripod is also handy if you want to take multiple pictures from one, common perspective, with only slight changes. The tripod ensures that you’re getting the same general shot repeatedly, while still being able to tweak specific aspects of each shot.

First Impressions

Consider the listing photos you’re taking as if they were your potential buyer’s first and only impression of the house, and their sole reference to use in deciding whether or not to buy it. That’s how important listing photos can be. Aim to make your listing photos thorough enough to have satisfied the curiosity of even the most demanding or difficult buyer. Take numerous pictures of the house, both inside and out, from different angles, and in different lighting. Then select an array of photos that visually reveals the home to its best advantage. Arguably, a basic exterior shot of the home is the most important photo because it is literally the first thing a homeowner, their guests, and neighbours will see every day. You have creative and artistic license to package this shot, so feel free to experiment. Consider taking at least a couple of photos from an angle or perspective that simulates the view of a buyer walking directly up to the home. Even in a basic shot, try to point out especially attractive features, such as a wraparound balcony.

Sell the Neighbourhood

Prospective homebuyers are not just buying an isolated piece of property, but are also buying into the neighbourhood. Therefore, take photos that convey a sense of the house and property in relation to immediate neighbours and to the neighbourhood as a whole. For example, if the neighbourhood is known for quiet and serenity, use some soft focus shots that communicate that feel. Keep in mind that while each customer’s specific wants and needs vary, there are certain elements — parks, wooded areas, close proximity to schools — that typically make homes and properties more valuable. Make sure to capture and upsell these elements in your listing photos.

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