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4 Ways to Attract More Clients to Your Web Design Business

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Your web design work combines innovative techniques with your own brand of creativity to produce websites that blow your clients away, but what happens if you don’t have enough clients to pay the bills? Actively seeking out new clients for your web design business increases your profits, keeps you busy, and bulks up your portfolio. Diversify your methods of finding new clients for the best results.

Quality Examples

Samples of your web design work speak for themselves. When potential clients look for a web designer, they want samples to see if your style matches their needs. They want to know you have the skills to produce quality websites. Lucky for you, web design is a field that makes it easy to showcase your work. Start with your own website. When someone finds you online, what do they see? Is your own business website a reflection of your true abilities, or is it something you threw together? It’s tempting to spend your time on client work instead of your own website, but having a quality online presence for your brand is your best sample for potential clients. While you’re honing your website, don’t forget to check for SEO best practices to make it easier for people to find your website. Provide links to other website design projects as a digital portfolio to prove your talent.

Word of Mouth

No matter how many web design projects you have under your belt, getting free advertising from your past clients is an effective way to get new clients. Always create the best possible work for clients to increase the chances of getting referrals. A client is much more likely to recommend your web design services when you exceed expectations and provide top-notch customer service. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. Let your past and current clients know you have availability in your schedule, so they can let other business owners know about you.


Borrowing the audience of a professional in a related field can quickly get your name out to new potential clients. Co-marketing your web design services simply means you and another entrepreneur help one another out by spreading the word about one another or giving referrals. Say you’re a whiz at building websites, but you don’t do your own graphic design. Find a local graphic designer for referrals both ways. Maybe you partner with an advertising agency or a web host. Even another web designer is an option if you have different niches or refer overflow work to one another. When you have a client in need of one of those other services, you refer that client to your marketing partner. Likewise, your partner shares your contact info with clients who may need web design services. It’s the perfect way to nurture relationships and potentially find new clients.

Sharing Knowledge

Share your knowledge of web design with the world to attract more clients. Creating a blog or YouTube channel around web design establishes you as an authority in the field while showcasing your knowledge and some of your best work. Use your blog to talk about your successes as a web designer. Quality content attracts more viewers and encourages those who read or watch your material to share the info socially, which expands your reach beyond those people who already follow you. Making your web design company highly visible and taking the time to always create your best work encourages new clients to give your services a try. With a little luck, you end up with your pick of clients.

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