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Creating an Advertising Campaign for Your Retail Store

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Looking to increase foot traffic to your retail business? Advertising is a good avenue to take when you want to drum up more sales. There are a few ways to create effective retail advertisements that drive traffic into your store.

Do You Have a Memorable Tagline?

A memorable tagline is one of the most important elements of a successful retail business advertising campaign. What’s a tagline? It’s a catchy phrase that defines the essence of your brand. Does the phrase "I am a Canadian" ring a bell?

You don’t have to be a beer drinker to feel a sense of national pride when watching a commercial for Molson Canadian beer. The tagline is short and powerful, and it expresses Molson’s devotion to providing customers with a quality Canadian beer product.

People may forget the name of your company, but they remember your tagline if it’s a good one. Do some brainstorming and create a cool tagline to use for your ad campaigns.

Use Customer Data

The best ads target customers who are most likely to buy what you sell, and customer data is pure gold for advertising. Collect every scrap of customer data, and use that information to develop an ideal customer profile. Advertising copy should focus heavily on these customers. Stay away from using general language that tries to appeal to everyone.

Social Media Advertising

Retail marketing for small companies advertising in the digital age is heavily focused on social media strategies. This makes perfect sense when you compare budget-friendly social media to more expensive advertising options. Choosing the right platforms for your brand and testing ad campaigns are your keys to success in this arena.

Research social media platforms. Just because a social media platform is cool or popular doesn’t mean that platform is the best one for your ads. Facebook ads work well for many businesses, but your core consumers may spend most of their time sharing photos on Snapchat or Instagram. Perhaps your retail store appeals to professionals with LinkedIn accounts who appreciate career tips. Being picky about social media platforms can save you hours of wasted time advertising to the wrong customer market.

Radio Advertising

Radio is an affordable advertising option for small retailers. Brush up on your negotiating skills, and use them to get the best air time deals for your target market. Look for ad deals that offer both air time and streamed ads that appear on radio station websites.

Do you sell products from manufacturers who advertise on the radio? Contact those manufacturers to ask about co-op advertising programs. If you qualify, larger companies can cover some radio ad expenses.

TV Advertising

TV advertising can be expensive, so you may not decide to go this route. Still, the market exposure your store receives may be worth the investment. Get the most bang for your advertising buck by opting for TV ad campaigns that include some form of digital ad marketing. Consumers see your ads on TV, video, and social media platforms.

Include Graphics and Video for Impact

Graphic and video images give your ad messages more visual appeal. Go for images with strong emotional impact. You know your visuals are working their magic when your ads go super viral, meaning lots of people are sharing your ads on social media.

Get Creative

Tap employees to star in humorous ads. Rent or buy a mascot outfit and find a local actor who can bring your mascot to life in commercials. Take inspiration from other retailers, and create a twist that makes those ideas unique for your ads.

Developing successful advertising campaigns for your retail store requires creativity, careful planning, and savvy negotiating to ensure your ad budget goes far.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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