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Use Analytics to Gauge If the Money You’re Spending on Marketing Is Worth It

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Online marketing is everywhere, and as a small business owner, it can be tempting to invest in everything from Facebook ads to search engine optimization specialists. Before you blow through your budget, it’s a good idea to figure out which marketing strategies are working and which you can cut using analytics.

Analytics programs gather information about how users interact with your content online, so you can see which items have the highest return on investment. Many major platforms, including Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, feature their own built-in analytics. One essential tool is Google Analytics, which provides a goldmine of data about website traffic, including the number of visitors to each page, the busiest days and times, and the search terms that people use to find you. It also tells you about referral sources, the links users click to reach your website. If you’re running two online ads, the referral numbers make it easy to see which one brings more traffic.

If your business uses social media marketing, analytics make it easy to refine your strategy. On Instagram, you can use Instagram Insights to track the number of times your paid ads appear to users and see which type of posts get the most likes and comments. With this information, you can focus your strategy on the type of ads and posts that appeal to your audience. On Pinterest, analytics enable you to see which pins show up frequently in searches and which are most effective at bringing users to your website.

As a busy entrepreneur, you may not have time to learn each analytics program. Fortunately, the rise of online marketing has also created experts you can outsource to. Part-time social media managers, digital marketing managers and online marketing specialists can help you design a marketing strategy that maximizes your return on investment, so you can get the most from your budget.

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